PS3Fanboy Review: Dynasty Warriors 6

PS3 Fanboy writes: As soon as you read the subject line, you probably reacted one of two ways: you snorted/coughed/rolled your eyes and may fast-forward to the score, or you thought "oh, cool, they're reviewing Dynasty Warriors 6" and will read this review with interest. That's sort of how the audience is segmented in the Koei universe -- you either enjoy their games or abhor them to the point where you won't even give them a chance (whether or not you ever did is your personal secret). Dynasty Warriors 6 is no exception to this rule.

The bottom line is that this is Dynasty Warriors for the PS3. The graphics are decent but nothing special, the gameplay is mindless for the most part, but satisfying, and the story is the same as ever. Luckily, the narrator and voice actors got a few lessons in how to pronounce Chinese names, but their acting abilities are mediocre at best. The new additions are great, but when weighed against the sacrifice of characters and the Officer Edit mode, it's just like adding weight to both sides of the scale -- there's more, but no change. Hopefully downloadable content is on Koei's itinerary and we'll have the definitive Dynasty Warriors game over time. But for now, it's just a polished up and decent version of something we're familiar with.

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