Gamewise connects gamers with a social experience and a reference tool

Venture Beat: " hardcore gaming habit can encourage a person to spend hours researching games and connecting with other people who are equally as passionate about the hobby. That kind of intense dedication to video games requires a good tool to obtain said research and social connections.

Of course, a site like this works best when it hits critical mass, but Gamewise is off to a good start. Coming out of its beta, it has over 45,000 user-created game pages."

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trunkswd2566d ago

Great article! Gamewise is a very useful site. Like the IMDB of video games.

swirldude2566d ago

Wow, Gamewise has great potential! I'd love an all-encompassing database.

Runa2162566d ago

I Really need to get involved with Gamewise. IT still eludes me.

Liefx2565d ago

I like using Playfire.