CheatCC's GDC 08 Coverage: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

CheatCC writes: "The Game Developer's Conference may have packed its bags and fled San Francisco until next year, but it's left enough buzz-worthy news in its wake to keep gamers gabbing for the next twelve months. From announcements and surprises to games and goodies, the industry's first big event of the year will be on the minds and tongues of many this week, ensuring the coming days will be the least productive in workplaces since the release of Halo 3; honestly, who can get any work done when there are trailers to download, blogs to read and, of course, brand new game images to weed through and select as our new desktop backgrounds? Cheat Code Central returns to the office this week with all the cool info, a bag of swag, and tired feet (damn, that convention center is big!) to deliver the big, bad, and bizarre of GDC 08. Grab some caffeine, hunker down in your cubicle, and enjoy CCC's easy-to-digest GDC wrap-up. "

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