For the last time, it isn’t about the hair!

Welcome to January. With a new year comes a new release quarter, and the game to herald the charge of new games to the market is Ninja Theory’s DmC: Devil May Cry. A re-imagining of the series, a new Dante is thrust upon hopeful gamers en masse. And most of them resisted. But why? Is it generally a resistance to change? Are these people being tantrum-throwing tear-spewing children who don’t want a new blankie to replace their old one? It depends on who you ask, really.

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Army_of_Darkness2190d ago (Edited 2190d ago )

new dante: scrubby, douche bag, rude pos look.

old dante: A clean, witty, ladies man that acts and looks much cooler without trying so hard to be the shit, like the new dante..... and he has better hair;-) lol!

ps. Nero needs to kick the new dante's ass back to NT's drawing board.

omi25p2190d ago

Have you played the new one?

omi25p2189d ago

5 disagrees for a question and no answer.

Interesting, Very interesting.

Ezz20132189d ago (Edited 2189d ago )

For the last time, it isn’t about the hair!'s about his missing penis lol

Godmars2902190d ago (Edited 2190d ago )

Sad to say, but its likely going to take a second DmC to show how "well" NT's done. That now that they've rewritten and restarted the franchise, they have to keep it going.

Either that, or Capcom is going to hand it off to another dev, who's going to do another reboot.

Wont that be fun...

N4GDgAPc2190d ago

They could always do Devil May Cry 5 then next DMC2 and keep switching. That would be even better so you can have both worlds!

Godmars2902190d ago

No. I mean that where the old series was basically some random evil randomly cropping up to threaten the world of man, DmC has flat out flattened the worst of the worst in a very specific way. NT has left themselves with nothing to build on besides mop up.

smashman982190d ago

Shouldn't be too hard ninja theory seems to have had the right idea with there last 2 games and dmc is better than both of them so if their record is anything to go by the sequel will not only be great it'll be even better

Heartnet2190d ago

Will there even be a sequel? NT havnt ever done a sequel only create one hits :P

pandehz2190d ago (Edited 2190d ago )

''Oh, but God forbid you complain. I mean what’s the point? Bring it up to DmC’s new handler Tameem, and what will he do? Take a drag of his cigarette, gaze off into the distance, and say, “I don’t care.''

Im his fan now. Im so gonna do this to all my clients. Nobody messes with my art.

No but srsly thats a little too far but again a necessity in todays world where apparently the fans have learned to calculate art.

I love the old Dante and also Nero and also new Dante. What I dont like is when suddenly fans are making the games for the devs. I could kill to keep my poetic license. (call me if anything needs doing)

GuyManDude2190d ago

"They're ours. All of ours. They're just as much a part of our lives as they are of yours. When an artist creates, whatever they create belongs to society."

This is a South Park quote of the boys trying to talk George Lucas out of altering Raiders of the Lost Ark. They were furious at the changes to movies and characters that they love(d).

The same thing happened here with Devil May Cry, and not just the hair. Dante's clothes, his heritage, his personality, his brother, the style meter being drastically simplified, the difficulty being lessened, the boss fights becoming push-overs, the empty dialogue. All of it goes against what Dante and DMC were. This video highlights a lot of what's wrong with this game:

This is Son of Sparda difficulty, and the player slaughters this boss with complete ease. Then look at the style meter: SSS rank for mashing the same combo over and over. Then there's the dialogue:

"You disgusting f*** child! I'm going to pull off your head, p*ss down your neck and sh** on your worthless carcass!"

These are all reasons many of the "old fans" can't accept this game.

I have no qualms with other people liking this game. None whatsoever. But no can tell us that we have to accept, enjoy, and/or appreciate this new Dante and this new DmC. For many of us, this isn't Dante, and this certainly isn't the demanding Devil May Cry we used to know.

GuyManDude2190d ago

This would be the equivalent of Konami giving Metal Gear Solid to another developer and making a game with the following:

* Solid Snake has no eye patch
* Snake isn't a clone
* The difficulty is severely lessened
* You can get the Big Boss end game rank simply by killing people with the same gun and running through the game
* Liquid Snake also is not a clone, and barely resembles the character from MGS
* Boss fights have no strategy. Just run up and shoot until dead.
* The dialogue is much worse than previous MGS games

Could you imagine a Metal Gear Solid game like that? If all of this happened, fan blowback would be significant. What's more, it would be justified. That wouldn't be Solid Snake, and that wouldn't be Metal Gear Solid. People would be furious that they didn't leave them alone.

And no, it wouldn't be because Solid Snake now has blonde hair.

listenkids2190d ago

Of course it's about the hair, the game is fine. End this bullshit already.

Summons752190d ago

The game is fine.....example of bad game design and casualizing a game that took skill to get the top rank, not one button repeated.

Blacktric2190d ago (Edited 2190d ago )

You forgot to add how approachable it was. Especially with the difficulty settings... While DmC fails to provide a difficulty level that would satisfy people who want the game to be a lot more challenging than it is, even with Dante Must Die difficulty level, which is barely half of what DMD was in 3.

N4GDgAPc2190d ago

Maybe its not as hard as DMC3 but DMC is defenitly not easy. I'm on Son of Sparda mode right now and that is challenging. You can not button mash through it and expect to beat it. I got 5 missions left and Dante Must Die mode unlocks. Will see how much harder that gets. There is also Hell to Hell mode. Where all the enimies have regular life but you die in 1 hit. That will probly be the most challenging for DMC

Temporary2190d ago

The people that say you just have to button mash 1 button and you win are either playing on a baby difficulty level, or they just havent played the game at all. One or the other.

VileAndVicious2190d ago

The game is actually very well done.And I've enjoyed it a lot. There are just a few game mechanics holding it back. But still an excellent game.

And casual? It definitely isn't in SOS mode.

listenkids2189d ago

I just mashed one button through one level on easy, I didn't get SSS.

Anything else? Troll.

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csreynolds2190d ago

This. This over and over again.

mamotte2190d ago

"But the game is good."
"For the last time, it isn't about the game!"

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