Monster Hunter 3, the game to "save" the Wii-U?

Finally an upcoming excuse to actually turn on my Wii-U. Could this be the title which kickstarts the Wii-U?

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EddieNX 2563d ago Show
metroid322563d ago

WiiU doesn't need saving trust me ?? Get a life.

Kos-Mos2563d ago

Is this the article to save Oh, yes it is. Voted down. We don`t want to save you.

Fierce Musashi2563d ago

Correction: To save >your< Wii U.


But anyway, I'm surely getting it. After putting 1000+ hours in the original, I've been longing for more monsters.

Old McGroin2563d ago

Same here, in fact the main reason I bought the Wii U was because of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate.

Sucitta2563d ago (Edited 2563d ago )

For many, the Wii U has brought the Wii into our homes. I skipped the Wii because of lack of HDMI.

So for many, the Wii U if very far off from dying.

Having a blast playing Smash Bro's, MarioKart, MarioTennis, Zelda Twilight, Mario Galaxy = ) On top of which, Scribblenauts, Nintendoland, NSMB WiiU, ZombieU and Sonic Racing are all solid games = )

and i can talk to gamers from around the world instantly via miiverse = ) what more could you ask for?

only thing i miss is achievements. they should call them wiiwards !

FamilyGuy2562d ago

Wiiwards, that's genius!

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The story is too old to be commented.