7 Great Open Source FPS's - #1: Tremulous

TVGB writes: "If you're looking for a little variety to your daily shootouts, then it's definitely worth taking a look at what kind of games the Open Source space has to offer us these days. And we're doing just that. From Monday through Sunday this week, we're bringing you this series of what we think are seven great first-person shooters - all open source, all 100% free to download and play. Seven days, seven games."

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Tarmgar3941d ago

Sounds EXACTLY the same as "Natural Selection", a Half-Life mod. And I mean exactly....

meepmoopmeep3941d ago

too many shooters these days. they all feel generic now. they should space out the shooters instead of throwing 5 of them at us at a time. when there's tons of shooters it just makes the next one generic.

Rikitatsu3941d ago

if there is lag , You hardly see Enemies, they Teleport every where lol