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VideoGamer: "Mr Drippy, we love you. Level 5 delivers the best JRPG we've played in years."

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disturbing_flame2568d ago

If this game could sale well, it would turn more developpers to produce very ambitious JRPG like Ni No Kuni on current & next gen. Glad to see there are still oldschool reviewers and players in this industry that can appreciate and love traditional japanese RPG. Great read.

raWfodog2568d ago (Edited 2568d ago )

Also glad to see there are developers that still take massive pride in their work and don't try to rush out crappy port after port, year in, year out. This goes to show that anything worth doing is worth doing very well.

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koehler832568d ago

I hope Namco Bandai are playing this one smart and keeping the initial run reasonably small as Atlus did with Demon's Souls and 3D Dot Game Heroes. Both of those games turned out to be successful because of this approach. One of them turned into a smash hit.

It's a bit frustrating for consumers to have a hard time finding a copy if they sell out but it's still better than the publisher losing money because of unsold copies and killing any potential of a future for the property.

Just because the JRPG market in the west has shrunk this generation doesn't mean there isn't a market at all, it just needs to be served appropriately.

stuntman_mike2567d ago

The special edition sold out if that's anything to go by.

2568d ago
Outside_ofthe_Box2567d ago

I really hope it does sell well. It's a great game and deserves great sales. We also need more JRPGs like it.

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BanBrother2568d ago

Another one bites the dust.... qwwwwITCHI (that's what the whip-crack sound looks like when I type it lol).

I'm just sitting back and enjoying all these great reviews for Ni No Kuni. As others have said, hopefully it sells well and encourages other developers to dream big and go for it. Also, hopefully it hails the return of the JRPG. (Now I'm singing that celebrate good times thing lol, stuck in my head).

2568d ago