Has EA Already Bought Take-Two?

Gameplayer has identified some movements in the share market which would suggest that a hostile takeover of Take-Two is already underway.

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Hydrollex3890d ago

Imagine EA logo on GTA V or the next GTA box. How disgusting is that ?

Silellak3890d ago

I little piece of my soul died courtesy of that mental image.

Thanks a *lot*.

Covenant3890d ago

Dear God...I hope this isn't true.

If so, I fear for the industry. This would be very, very bad for gaming.

For starters, kiss 2K Sports goodbye.

And it would only get worse from there.

alster233890d ago

is their any petition to encourage take 2 not to become a part of EA?

OOG FunK3890d ago

lmao if you think a petition would stop a company from taking another over....your sadly mistaken...get outa your dream game world this is the real deal.....with real money and no one cares about petitions or lil people debating when billions are invovled

ASSASSYN 36o3890d ago

OOG funk you know not the petitioning power of the sony-fan. They can assemble a petition in the equal coordination and precision of a preemptive Airforce airstrike.

RecSpec3890d ago

Petitions are nothing but false hope, ESPECIALLY in the gaming world.

gamesblow3890d ago

People always complain about a 1 console future... Well, you won't have to worry about that **** if 1 company buys all the major talent. The quality will drop regardless.

It doesn't help that EA makes the worst damn games on the planet. Their graphics engines are dated and their animations and physics are just appalling.

EA is offensive to say the least. I won't buy anything by EA and gaming is about as dead as Wrestling, folks.

It might be good right now... you all might be happy to be in it, but by 2010 to 2012... Gaming will be so far away from the concept and games will be so deluded because of EA take overs and Microsoft taker overs it won't even mater no more.

Why do you think Sony opted for Blu-ray in the 1st place? They knew gaming was in the decline it is right now. Sony wanted something to fall back on when the gaming biz's ass drops out on them.

& it's going to.

EA learned well from Microsoft... take over, take over, take over... enjoy your garbage, gamers.

OOG FunK3890d ago (Edited 3890d ago )

your comments are so biased its sick....

Yes EA taking over their competition is bad and sucks cuz it takes away creativity.....

Duno where MS comes into this because.....last time I checked they havnt gone with a hostile takeover for a game company...they have come and gone with cold hard cash....and the possible aquistion of yahoo is just business and makes sense if you look at it and doesnt have anything to do with video games.....

And pffft please sony introduced bluray because gaming was on the decline....are you foolish??? Like really????? How biased can you be???? Everyone knows the one of the only reasons sony introduced BlueRay is to take over the video format and make a lot of money in the process....and with them having over 100 million ps2s sold they knew their ps3 could help drive this new format...which by example it has dont give us your biased crap about how sony is this saint the end its all business and Money is what makes all companies worlds go round

* O yea fyi gaming has never been as strong as it is now hence why money is being tossed around so your stupid comment about how sony is basically planning for the gaming biz to have this so called "fallout" is prob the most moronic thing I have ever heard....considering it has been growing at astronomical rates over the past few years and doesnt show much signs of slowing down

VVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVfor your comment down below..........

Not really a nerve lol all it is to me is games I like all the systems and whatever one has the fun games to play at the time is great for me.....Cant wait to play GTA, GOW3, MGS4, Smash bros etc etc......sorry not a sad fanboy like yourself.....I am just telling you like it is and not what your sad little mind likes to think is truth..... How about looking outside of the sad lil box you call your ps3 and weird sony love and realize there a tons of fun to be had on all consoles....>AND EVEN A PC........ enjoy your biased remarks

gamesblow3890d ago

Want some novacaine for that nerve I struck?

RecSpec3890d ago (Edited 3890d ago )

So you're saying if GTA dies gaming dies? Get a grip.

Disagrees make me laugh. Haha.

Silellak3890d ago

The way you somehow managed to make this Microsoft's fault is impressive.

Incredibly depressing, I mean, not to mention pathetic and sad. But a little tiny bit impressive, too.

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