Dead Space 3 - Demo Impressions (Xbox 360) - TheOthersiders360

TheOthersiders360: In this video I talk a bit about Dead Space 3 DEMO.

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AndrianLone2560d ago

how can you get access to demo?

FarCryLover1822560d ago

You had to sign up through your EA account a few weeks ago. It was on the Xbox dashboard. This is only on XBOX, btw.

TheOneWhoIsTornApart2560d ago

I registered the day the demo came out and i still was able to download it.

hennessey862560d ago

Played the original demo and hated it, bought the game a year later and loved it. Loved dead space 2, yet strangely just played the dead space 3 demo and wasn't impressed. But I will bet I will enjoy the final game :/

globeofgamers2560d ago (Edited 2560d ago )

Sometimes the demo does not reflect the true quality of a game - that's why there are more then a handful of games who don't have a demo. Tho, I still don't like multiplayer in dead space

FarCryLover1822560d ago

Yeah, I was the same about Dead Space 1. Hated the demo because it was a weird section and just about "dismemberment." However, I loved the game and DS2. Sadly though, I don't think that I will like DS3.

ThanatosDMC2560d ago

The only thing I loved about the demo is making the guns. I could see a lot of depth in making an OP gun. I dont like that it was more action oriented, there was never an empty room to create tense atmosphere, health and ammo are just everywhere, and the fact that they added a "Revive" function took out the finishing moves that the enemy normally does when Isaac gets killed.

Dark5tar12560d ago

I enjoyed the DS3 demo. The crafting was amazing and the coop was fun but some of the weapons felt weak and the demo wasn't very scary. The full game might be scary but the enemies took some clips like sponges. The best weapon is the default weapons or the Plasma Cutter.

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