Fallout 4: our sequel wishlist – better guns, grey morals & less bugs

OPM: Rumours of Fallout 4 are swarming around like hungry mirelurks and a recently trademark suggests a TV show first registered in 2009 might be in the works again. However, we’re only interested in a gaming sequel, and here’s what we want.

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Root2557d ago

Is it me or am I the only one who wasn't really a fan of the factions in NV, don't get me wrong they were good in some parts but I think it just made the main missions more complicated as you got closer to the end, if you wanted an ending then you accidently did something like you did another main mission before the other one you were going to be stuck with a different ending.....I just thought some of the factions were a bit silly to be honest like the Kings and the Great Khans.

I think there will be better locations in the next game, with the waters of life machine turned on we might be able to see some green in the map. It might be small but at least it will make locations more varied.

Merrill2557d ago

I didn't get into Fallout NV for that reason. I preferred Fallout 3, I liked the isolation of it. I hope 4 is more like 3, with some upgrades. I wish more games used the VAT system.

Tony-Red-Grave2557d ago

#1 cause of trading FONV n 3 in..... the freggin music NV had 3 different stations.... AND THEY ALL PLAYED THE SAME THING D:. like the saying goes "1000 channels but nothing to watch"

NukaCola2556d ago

I'm torn. New Vegas had such a more rewarding quests ever. What Fallout New Vegas did with the karma system was far beyond Elder Scrolls and FO3. There was more than just black and white and neutral. No decision made was ever an easy one. Plus the three tiers of social chains was brilliant. Not just major factions, but also lower level groups like the Boomers, Kings, and Khans and then societies like Freeside, Goodsprings, etc. Fallout New Vegas had a real survival feel and more of a choice setting. Although the 4 routes weren't all as amazing as they could of been, this game felt more rewarding in that aspect. And one of the best things about FNV is that companions had stories of their own which some resulted in many quests and world exploration just for them. The game was incredible.

Then there is Fallout 3 which put a more serious emphasis on that single player experience. You always felt alone and at the end of the day, the story you played was unbelievable. It focus so well around the character and their purpose. I think they did well with the DLC as well, minus the ending results of the main game didn't reflect in Broken Steal.

Over all I love them both. Fallout 3 had the story of the decade, but New Vegas brought back a lot of what made the classic asymmetrical FO's renowned.

Man, I can't wait for Fallout 4.

BlackIceJoe2557d ago

I think this is a nice list. But I would add having your partner in battle be good in battle. I hated having to watch them so close. I think it would be neat if they could level up too or you can take them to some kind of apprenticeship where they can learn new moves.

I also want the game to come out on the next gen systems instead of the ones out now.

MaleManSam2556d ago

I agree with the more in-depth landscapes. Even though I didn't really notice it before because of how well the game played (Fallout 3) I now realise how much of the landscape was re-hashed, with only a handful of really awesome set pieces or whatever you want to call them.

They should just go crazy with it in FIV.

NukaCola2556d ago

I think they will. Look at Skyrim. Very few rehashed areas. Some of the smaller caves felt like they were similar, but you could go into a simple mine and then end up 4 hours later out the other side. I think we will see massive improvements with a new engine and next gen tech. Hopefully they will have less bugs, but they won't have the same technical limitations. And Skyrim is lush, I hope they use the engine to really show off some detailed environments.

Honestly, what scares me about FO4 is if they lose the retro 40s theme. I love that. I mean, I will love to visit New New York CyberPunk advanced city, but I still want all the comical dementedness that is Fallout.

BanBrother2556d ago

I want more particle effects. I know people are probably thinking I'm crazy, but imagine how immersed you would be in a next gen Fallout with so e crazy atmosohere, like the toxic fumes seeping through the environment, embers and ash dropping past you, something amazing.

Either way, I'm excited. Plus, no timed exclusive DLC. RPG fans DO NOT deserve to be treated like that, especially next gen, as you can't simply buy the 'other' console, as they will be expensive.

SnakeCQC2556d ago

i want insane weapon customizations and less bugs

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The story is too old to be commented.