White House petition started to stop the use of region-locking in games

A petition to stop the use of region-locking in games, movies, software, and Internet traffic handling has showed up.

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jc485732566d ago

why do they region lock games?

Kalowest2566d ago (Edited 2566d ago )

To stop the import of a certain games, from and to other regions to increase sales/profit. That's one of the reasons

banjadude2566d ago

I read somewhere it also has to do with controlling release date schedules (for different markets).

Newsman2566d ago

Region locking is essential for different ratings systems across different countries. Stupid petition with no thought or common sense .

ManJello2566d ago

International ratings systems have been implemented across games for years. The PS3 does this and remains region-free without any problems.

ShaunCameron2565d ago

What international rating system?

ManJello2560d ago


Ratings systems that aren't the ESRB. As in, places not within the USA. Like the rest of the world.

Newsman2566d ago

Um no, there is esrb for the us, pegi, acb for the Aussies, bbfc and more. All different. There is no international rating system.

ManJello2560d ago

That's exactly what I said. Take a harder look and you'll notice that "international ratings systems" is plural.

KrisButtar2566d ago

universal rating system(if we don't have something like that already) is what we need, then we can do away with the region locking

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The story is too old to be commented.