All too real: Sydney gamer mugged after Call of Duty launch

Call of Duty became all too real for one excited gamer who never even got the chance to play his new game.

A Sydney gamer was mugged at gun-point late last year, following the highly anticipated midnight launch of Call of Duty: Black Ops II.

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Muffins12232567d ago

So sad ;c
Gamer should never have to go through loosing a game

KillerBBs2566d ago

That poor mugger... He must of been so disappointed when he got home a played it.

FarCryLover1822566d ago

Mugged at gunpoint for a game. WOW. That person could have bought the game instead of that gun.

Detoxx2566d ago

Yeah, some people are just messed up

TheoreticalParticle2566d ago

But he can use that gun to get multiple games. It's a long-term investment.

BanBrother2566d ago

Let that be a lesson to all. Do not buy Call of Duty. Jks.

That would suck. Instead of driving to midnight launches, I usually walk the 5km to the shops at around 10PM with my friends. It is awesome as we just talk about random shit the whole way there, untill about a minute before we go in it hits us that we are about to pick up some amazing, long awaited game. The walk back is just a big load of excitement, it makes the whole experience memorable.

My point being I couldn't imagine some ass-bag comletely ruining my night, just to make a quick buck. I'm not a CoD fan really, but c'mon, that thief is a dog. Might be the only time I'll ever say this but Activision did a good thing.
Now if only those Apple douche-bags could replace his iPhone lol.

pandehz2566d ago

Once there was this girl who had me at gunpoint and stole my heart.

Newsman2566d ago

Add something irrelevant about a game and post on n4g. Too late this story already done that