Five Lost Xbox Franchises That May Return As Xbox 720 Games

Boston (TheNextXbox) – The Xbox and the Xbox 360 were both highly-successful consoles. One thing that is clear though is that a console is only successful as the games that it has on it. Ask any Nintendo gamer out there and they will tell you this first-hand, it is all about the games and the first-party as well as third-party support that goes along with the console. The Xbox brand itself has had many successful franchises tied to it, but some of them have gotten lost in the shuffle in a sense. Today, we wanted to go back and take a look at five lost Xbox franchises, and weigh how likely it is that they are going to be making a return on the next-generation Xbox 720.
Microsoft has some stellar franchises in its first-party arsenal, especially with companies such as Rare on board. Microsoft has produced some stellar first-party exclusives for its console. Some of these that immediately come to mind include Halo, Forza Motorsport, Project Gotham Racing, and Fable. There are s...

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darthv722563d ago

yes i'd like to see that one continued. Blinx...yeah, okay that one wasnt too bad.

Personally I would like them to bring back mech assault as well as crimson skies. Both of those games would certainly have high xbox live appeal.

guitarded772562d ago

Yeah, Crimson Skies would be my #1 want.

3-4-52562d ago

^ Still to this day, the most fun I've had online gaming EVER.

There has yet to be a game that even comes close to surpassing Crimson Skies.

You wonder how these dev's get it so right initially and then nobody pays attention and everybody does the opposite of what works= we get crap games.

TheoreticalParticle2562d ago

Both of those games were gimped versions of what the PC versions had to offer.

I'd love to see another Crimson Skies, if they went back to the customization the PC version had, and MechWarrior Online is pretty much everything a fan of MechAssault could want. (Unless you really liked people just sitting in lobbies and not starting the game so that their side never lost any ground.)

3-4-52562d ago

I didn't even know there was a PC version.

The xbox game was awesome....

Flying upwards in the canyon only to see 12+ fighters headed your way never got old. Or that windy chicago like city multiplayer map.

If I could I would play that online today over any game ever made.

TheoreticalParticle2562d ago

The PC version of Crimson Skies didn't have multiplayer, which is the only thing from the Xbox version I want back. That last mission where you have to fly into the zeppelin's propellers to shoot its engines was just one "WTF are you thinking, level designers?" moment.

But the PC version let you trick out each of the planes so they'd have different loadouts, specs, and everything. It wasn't like the Xbox version where it was like, "You picked up 10 gears? Upgrade? Y/N?"

thenextxbox2563d ago

Mech Assault - good call!

baldulf2562d ago (Edited 2562d ago ) kinect games.


Joking aside the original Xbox had a lot of great IPs, I hope Microsoft would remember that the games and not the gimmicks are what make a system worthwhile.

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The story is too old to be commented.