UK Wii U advert banned due to misleading public

Nintendo Insider writes:

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has banned a Wii U advertisement, following a complaint that it is misleading consumers.

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1upgamer992556d ago

Oh wow, that is just not right. I mean should 3D Blu-ray players not advertise 3D because not all Blu-ray's are 3D, or just because it is a 3D Blu-ray player and 3D Blu-ray if you don't have a 3D TV it is not going to work...I could have probably thought of a better analogy, that was the first that came to mind.

iamnsuperman2556d ago

That is a terrible analogy. What the advertising watchdog has done is right. What Nintendo needed to do was put a disclaimer, that is clearly visible, to say that the specific feature doesn't work on all games

jimbobwahey2556d ago

I'm shocked that 1upgamer99 was actually trying to defend Nintendo misleading consumers with the advert.

I think it's articles like these that always highlight the difference between the kiddies on N4G and the actual adults. You'll get the little kids whining about their favorite company being punished and how consumers should just wave their rights away while people with some actual sense acknowledge that it's a good thing when companies don't get away with attempts at conning consumers.

Akuma-2556d ago

nintendo misleading consumers again, thats normal. the wii was suppose to have 1:1 motion controls but it doesnt. the wii u is suppose to be next gen but its weaker than the xbox and ps3.

i cant wait for ps4.

darthv722556d ago

the system is capable of all of those things the ad portrays. It is the responsibility of the software developer to state whether or not those features apply to their specific title.

when you advertise the platform you are going to tout everything it is capable of in spite of those features not being used by EVERY title released. That is the nature of advertising the platform. Advertising the games for said platform is where all the fine print comes into play.

It was blogged about by someone that they got the pro controller only to find out it didnt work with NSMBU. It clearly says on the game box what controllers are supported just as has been the norm for every game released this gen for the wii, 360 and ps3.

You dont list the supported games on the box for the controller because that is an ever changing condition.

SilentNegotiator2556d ago

It's the 21st century. You have to use disclaimers and be 100% clear about functionality and limitations that may affect customer decision.

Oversight happens sometimes, I suppose. I doubt that the Nintendo corporation is lacking in legal knowledge/power to understand the situation.

iamnsuperman2556d ago


That would be true if the specific game was made clear during the ad. What happens in the ad is a generic game is shown to switch to the controller without any information that it may not work on all Wii U games. The way it comes off seems like they mean any game can do it which is actually wrong. All it needs is a disclaimer like what Microsoft did with a kinect advert showing it in schools and a hospital. Technically it could do those things it said but they had to say the consumer will not be able to experience that now and could soon. You have to be as clear as possible as a normal consumer could get a Wii U game with their Wii U but not do what it says on the advert. It is why we dont get adverts showing a PS3 and vita working together without a disclaimer saying they are sold seperately and subject to game type

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aceitman2556d ago

@1up it says it in clear day light the u need a 3d compatible tv 3d hdmi cable and a 3d compatible blu-ray player . Do the research. I know I have 3d tv and 35 3d movies and games .

1upgamer992556d ago

I have them too, what I was talking about was advertising for 3D Blu-ray...LOL I don't need to research it.

lashes2ashes2556d ago

All ads for 3d,hd,ect products have a disclaimer at the end stating not everything will work or you need special cables ect, this add was removed because it did not state the disclaimer at the end.

Slapshot822556d ago

I'm with the ASA on this front as well. The ability to play Wii U without a television is one of the major highlights of the console and it not being fully available for every game does indeed need to be fully understood by consumers.

nunley332555d ago

Maybe the feature isn't available for EVERY game but, i have a problem with it being taken down cause one person complained. This sort of thing happens much too often and you really have to these people's agenda.

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miyamoto2556d ago

no harm, no foul i guess

-Mika-2556d ago

Does anybody know if they were fined?

PopRocks3592556d ago

What do you care? The ad was removed; the due punishment was given.

DarkBlood2556d ago

its possible she likely cares because it gives more fuel for her hate of nintendo

animegamingnerd2556d ago

and this is important why? oh wait it's you mika being a troll

nukeitall2556d ago

I kind of agree with Mika here.

What is the punishment for breaking the law?

Oh, we are just gonna remove the ad. Even though this is a pretty small violation and hardly hurt anyone, I think they should get a small symbolic fine to indicate there is a penalty for illegal actions.

ChickeyCantor2556d ago (Edited 2556d ago )

The fact they already lost a sum on these ads could be enough. The law is not absolute. It's merely there to give guidelines to protect you from people and yourself.

G20WLY2556d ago

That's the problem though; we don't know if some people were (or at least felt like they had been) duped or not.

If they were, how many sales of systems and games did the ad generate before it was pulled? How much money was made? Nobody can ever know the answer.

This may have been an honest oversight when compiling the ad for all we know...but on the other hand it could be the oldest trick in the book; the old "oh really? We didn't realise! We'll pull the ad immediately and know for the future...*sniggers*" manoeuvre lol

I for one was pleased when they finally enforced the "not actual game footage" disclaimer, as I was fed up with pre-rendered WOW bagging sales for mediocre games. :O

nukeitall2556d ago

The problem I'm trying to point out is that, by merely having an ad removed there were no real repercussion for breaking the law. On top of that, they enjoyed the benefit of false advertising.

If I was a company, I would just keep pushing that envelope, because you now what, the worst that could happen is the ad is removed.

It's simple, make it so it is unprofitable to break the law and most companies will stay in line.

AO1JMM2555d ago

The Wii U hater club president has arrived I see.

Shouldn't you be under your bridge right now?

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chukamachine2556d ago

There punishment was they had to live in a room of mii's for a week.

kyon1472556d ago

Companies will always try and get away with this, they go down to route of saying "oh we didn't not not mention it, so its okay right?" When they know the consumer will assume it will work on every game which is exactly what they want them to think without directly saying it.

Good move by the ASA to make sure that people who buy the Wii U buy on a more informed choice rather than a well made biased advert.

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