[Mansbros] Mega Man X4 - Retro Review

Mega Man X is back and this time on his first adventure for the Sony PlayStation! Intelligent lifelike robots called “Reploids” have gone Maverick and the mysterious Sigma is planning something. Maverick Hunter X and Zero must stop the new Reploid army and defeat Sigma.

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BlackWolf2560d ago

I still have some good memories of my Megaman X4 game. Might as well play it again...
Well, looks like my cd has lost some information... T.T

princejb1342559d ago

This my favorite mega man x game

wishingW3L2560d ago

easily the best one in the entire series. Its only flaw is that it was too easy.

DA_SHREDDER2560d ago

I can't believe we haven't had a good megaman x game since the ps2?

koehler832559d ago

We haven't had any MMX game since PS2.

If you mean PS1, maybe. Though I liked 7.

4 is certainly a highlight of the series, if not the best. I wish Capcom would put it on PSN already.

-GametimeUK-2559d ago

MMX for PSP was good imo. MMX for the snes will always be my fave MM game ever. Blinded by nostalgia on this one, but I don't really care lol. Soundtrack is awesome.

ThanatosDMC2559d ago

They killed off the X series and changed it for that lame GBA MegamanZero hybrid.

Best Megaman games were X4, X5, and X6. After that they screwed it up with slower mechanics and changed it to 3D with X7... killing the X series.

Tetsujin2559d ago

For the longest time I thought it meant Mega Man 14...

DivineAssault 2559d ago

i love the X series.. My only complaint with X4 is that they took away Zeros Z-buster.. Ever since 3, its been weak & useless.. His sword combat was awesome but some ranged attacks wouldve been nice

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