Gamespy-DmC: Devil May Cry Review

GS:I still remember the first time I ever played the original 2001 Devil May Cry. I mean, it was all just so cool. The style, the brutality, the never-ending combos, the white hair. But as years passed, that white sheen dulled to a time-worn gray, and the series' wildly stylish hacking and slashing fell into a deep, dark rut. Maybe it was because I got older. Maybe Capcom just ran out of ways to top its own over-the-top-ness. (Most likely some combination of the two.) The bottom line? Devil May Cry needed to change. And now, with the switch to developer Ninja Theory, it has -- mostly for the better.

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zerocrossing2568d ago (Edited 2568d ago )

As you may know, I've been pretty vocal about my feelings for DmC.

So you'll be surprised to hear that I have the full game now and am enjoying it so far.

Combat is a little choppy (probably due to the game being set at 30fps) and it could do with a lock on function, however it has good depth and is very enjoyable overall, platforming can be frustrating but that's been the case since the franchise started, also the dialogue is poor at times and juvenile at worst but I found myself genuinely laughing at Dantes antics and colourful brand of humour.

As reboots go it could be a lot worse, the graphics are great considering the game engine and the set pieces like the world transforming when you enter Limbo are very well done, also Limbo itself cab be a sight to behold. I have even found the new Dante growing on me at times.

I'll refrain from giving my final verdict however untill after I finish DmC.

Elda2568d ago (Edited 2568d ago )

I'm not trying to be negative,just
civil, but I do want to state that I've seen your dedication at so many articles stating how you just didn't SEE DmC for this & that etc,but if you are a fan of the DMC series than you should or be willing to try this one with an open mind...& you did!!..& you say you're enjoying it,such as I am,hopefully you will enjoy the rest of the game.

zerocrossing2568d ago

No you're right to call me out on that, I was quick to judge but really felt my concerns were just.

Having played the game up until the boss from the Demo, I have to say people have over reacted way to much, NT are still arrogant and would do well to either STFU or learn some tact, lol.

But thanks, If the game keeps up the way it's going Id definitely welcome a sequel.

N4GDgAPc2568d ago

Yeah it would be nice get Devil May Cry 5 1 year and DMC 2 the next. Switch off each time. I would like that.

VileAndVicious2568d ago

Nice dude. Finished my first play through started on SOS and its pretty challenging. Hope you enjoy

N4GDgAPc2568d ago

Yeah it's challenging. This isn't as easy as everyone hating the game said it would be. So I was expecting it to be easy like Devil May Cry 2 but its not. They say its a button masher also. If you did that you would die pretty fast. And I know when I get to Hell and Hell difficulty mode that is going to be real challenging.

zerocrossing2568d ago

The combat is more challenging and deep than I first thought that's for sure.

I just beat the Succubus boss from the demo so not sure how far through that is, but if the game keeps up the way its going Id welcome a sequel.

J-Killer152568d ago

Nice to see you enjoying it. It probably is a decent action game. I just can't cave in because of what it represents. Nothing against NT though.

zerocrossing2568d ago

I respect your stance on the matter, If you get a chance lend the game from a friend or pick it up cheap, the demo didn't do the game justice IMO so hopefully you'll be pleasantly surprised.

If on the other hand it's regarding NTs attitude and possible loss of the original franchise and classic icon Dante, then I cant really blame you mate.

Ezz20132568d ago (Edited 2568d ago )

i agree aside from dante look
this game is a 8/10 for me

i'm in mundus tower ..i'm almost finished
it's 7 hours long
the gameplay is good nothing amazing..far from the same league as GOW:A and MGS:R gameplay
the story is alright
the gfx sometimes it good and sometime it's bad
but nothing amazing
the soundtrack is awesome though

and there is skins to unlock in it.. i hope i find the old dante skin in it

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TheBlackSmoke2568d ago

Much respect for putting bad feeling's aside and giving it a shot. Good on you, hope you end up enjoying it once you beat it.