Top 10 Best Free FPS Games

"These free first person shooters are even better than games you might pay for. Why pay when you can play an FPS for free?"

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hylandpad2568d ago

Hand't heard of BF:P4F. I really liked T:A and I still play TF till this day. Can't say I enjoyed Blacklight. But overall, a pretty good, comprehensive list of what's out there,

ATi_Elite2568d ago (Edited 2568d ago )

Hey what a very good list and it's NOT a click fest reloading 10 different webpages so everything is cool.

I would replace Enemy Territory: RTCW with Cryteks Warface....OK Warface is not in the US yet but you can play the Russian version and it's very good!

BattlefieldPlay4Free is a good solid game but it is So full of Noobs that it's a HORRIBLE experience and not too mention the Worst LAG of any Online Game I have ever played in my Life but every now and then you will find a Lag free server full of tough competition that makes it worth wild.

from 7 to 1 i have spent money on cause they are worth it!

halocursed2568d ago

Glad to see TF2 in first-place. Anybody fancy a hat?