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sandman2242154d ago

I wonder if ubisoft knows about the release of next gen consoles. Why would they release it around the time the new console will be released? Are we getting new consoles this year hmm?

RuleofOne343 2154d ago

Maybe a game for current systems & a game for next gen or worst case scenario they push release date back

Valenka2154d ago

Indeed. It wouldn't be the first time a video game was released in time for it to be cross-generation.

jaymart2k2154d ago

Splinter Cell:Double Agent , nuff said

2154d ago
otherZinc2154d ago

@UBI Soft,

Please dont ruin this game & the awesome co-op capability Splinter Cell:Conviction had by making this game multiplatform. You know, the way you guys efed-up Ghost Recon:FS.

I'm glad you guys postponed Rainbow Six:Patriots. There is no way that game can have the same fantastic co-op style that the Rainbow Six:Vegas games had on the 360. It just wasn't possible with the Split RAM of the PS3. Rainbow Six: Patriots should be moved to PS4 & 720, thanks.

UBI, dont ruin this game!
Also, I'm PISSED you pushed the game back to August!

Allsystemgamer2154d ago

Ubi already ruined the franchise with conviction.

Conviction SHOULS have been a seperate ip.

dirthurts2154d ago

I quite liked Conviction. I had a lot of fun with it, and it felt like Splinter Cell to me.

Jakeyboy30952154d ago

cant wait for this sexy game! xD

Genuine-User2154d ago

It might be the first of many cross gen games.

landog2154d ago (Edited 2154d ago )

as long as it DOES NOT have the TERRIBLE black and white shots ever again, i may be able to forgive them for what they did to splinter cell with the last game.

that was quite possibly, the worst design decision i have seen in a major game

and please stop writing what to do in hundred foot letters on the damn buildings, a map and a journal that i can access by hitting Ctrl key is fine (select button on console)

mark and execute is TERRIBLE, get rid of it, stop making the damn game so casual!

if you want to do all the horrible hand holding and gaudy writing everywhere, make a ultra easy mode

leave normal splinter cell the way it has been for ever!!

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