Five XBLA Games Steam Should Distribute

Sometimes, you just want to play on a PC. These five games should make the leap from XBLA to Steam.

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KMCROC542558d ago (Edited 2558d ago )

No fuck steam , let that lard arse make his own game & stop riding everyone else coattails . Hate that dude & company.
These games should be sold from the Window 8 store , not that other store.

Dark5tar12558d ago

Would love to see those games hit Steam, especially Splosion Man. I love platformers and the game was great. For the pop quiz, it was Project Gotham Racing 3 that had Geometry Wars as a mini-game.

3-4-52558d ago

KMC.....your officially the first person I've read on this site have only negative things to say about STEAM.

I haven't used steam in years...still have an account..used to play DoD a lot. anyways they offer fun , addicting, high quality games, and many of them are at least trying something new.

STEAM is here to stay and it's a good thing.

RuleofOne343 2558d ago

Don't hate product just hate how everyone hold the dude in high regard like he some kind of Faking messiah , just like most people hold that stiff from Apple in high regards . You think these guys did something like cured cancer or put an end to violence or famine in 3rd world countries.

Venox20082558d ago

Shadow Complex for steam please