Next gen Xbox motion control kits 'in circulation'

Select games studios across Europe are working on "the next generation of motion control" with new development kits, CVG has learned.

According to a games developer familiar with the situation, Microsoft has already briefed a number of studios on the next phase in its motion control initiative. Future Xbox plans are so tightly guarded, however, that the source has not seen the development kits in person

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Root2565d ago more motion controls....please...just stop

If you want to add stupid motion controls fine but at least focus on the console first and then do the motion control at least a year or two after the console comes out.

If they add this into the next box I will be very disappointed, same goes with Sony and the PS4....I don't want to pay for crap in the box I'm not going to use.

Eldyraen2565d ago

Personally I'm not a fan of motion control but if rumor is true and all 720s do have Kinect 2.0 I don't see the harm in it. I'd rather that developers that choose to support it support it well and make decent/good games than just use it 'because its there'. I doubt every developer will want to use it much like today as they know many, many hardcore fans that buy the 5-10 million copy games still love traditional controllers and don't want to screw with that much potential cash flow.

For those that do like motion control though its a good thing they get it so early as its not a last minute or late cycle addition. I've always liked the tech, but never the games--but for media player voice and gesture control always sounded cool but by no means worth buying a Kinect. It would be cool for social apps though (especially say video chatting perhaps as be a cool way to stay in contact with friends and family... Useful as expect more social/multimedia features next gen as Xbox live has been moving that direction anyways).

I can see the value in it, but as a gamer I also see the dangers of even more casual/gimmicky decisions.

nukeitall2565d ago

I think having Kinect included with every console will enable wider support by developers. I'm a fan of Kinect so would welcome this, but understand it isn't everyones cup of tea.

I think a more precise Kinect will enable a lot more interesting games. I already love the voice recognition support we get on the Xbox 360 combined with the Kinect.

Godz Kastro2565d ago

Dude, seriously.. Just don't play them. You act as if you have to play a motion control game tp access a regular one. Wow...

jimbobwahey2565d ago

He's talking about paying extra money for a console because it includes things that he doesn't want. Therefore your rebuttal that he should just not play them misses his point entirely.

Granted, we could see multiple configurations of the next Xbox made available to retailers at launch (bundles that include motion control tech and bundles that do not) but nobody knows for sure yet, and won't until Microsoft discuss launch plans.

It's perfectly reasonable for people to be wary of motion controls being forced into bundles however, which drive the cost of the console up even if people have no intention of using them.

MikeMyers2565d ago (Edited 2565d ago )

To be fair development can be transferred from a regular game and have forced motion controls added to it. There were games on the Wii that might have been better without motion controls but because the main appeal of the system was motion controls they added it. I don't mind games like Gran Turismo and Forza having motion controls added to it while still retaining the original gameplay. You can add immersion by the camera tracking your head movement for example but still have precise control with a steering wheel or standard controller.

What I don't want is Microsoft to show demos and what is possible. I want to see real world applications in games that actually benefit by motion controls. A game like Dance Central obviously shows the appeal of how Kinect could make a game different and more enjoyable. The technology simply wasn't there to confirm their marketing of better with Kinect. You can also utilize the Kinect camera while playing with a controller.

Imalwaysright2565d ago (Edited 2565d ago )

Motion controls should be banned and no, I don't care about people that like playing with those things. Buttons FTW.

Minato-Namikaze2565d ago

There goes any interest I had in the 360

Godz Kastro2565d ago (Edited 2565d ago )

Yeah, because cause motion controls are mandatory (sarcasm). If this killed your interest it means you were never planning on getting one anyway...

Minato-Namikaze2565d ago

I meant 720, sorry. But MS hasn't shown me that they can have a balanced approach with core and casual games. Them focusing on kinect so early doesnt inspire me.

hazardman2565d ago (Edited 2565d ago )

I don't know man to many people make a big deal out of the motion stuff. You have motion games and non motion controlled games just like this gen. It would be one thing if using a motion controller was standard but its not. Also everyone always on xbox ass about kinect this kinect that. They don't see that Sony and Nintendo have they're own motion tech too. I'm not a big fan of kinect for gaming but I use it to browse my movies, video chat and for the UI all the time. So I would llike to see what kinect 2 has to offer me in that area espesially with skype. The other thing that I noticed was that ms has already passed out the durango/kryptos kits and now with this news they say that the motion kits are now going to developers which to me confirms that the rumour about kinect 2 having its own processors might be true. Makes for better physics and better development of kinect 2 games and use. Either way I won't be yelling for ammo or saying crazy skyrim shouts anytime soon. Fuck that. Just saying some of y'all gotta relax man instead of always crying bout it.

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