Microsoft 'to replace Xbox Live voice chat with Skype'

Microsoft will place Skype at the centre of a whole suite of online-capable communication devices, CVG has learned.

A person familiar with the matter said Microsoft will be "consolidating all their communications technology" around the Skype platform. This means that Skype will become the default chat service on the next generation Xbox console as well as on PC and tablets, the person said.

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nrvalleytime2558d ago

Very smart Microsoft. Love when smart decisions result in better vertical integration.

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JoGam2558d ago (Edited 2558d ago )

The funny thing is we PS3 owners was requesting this feature years ago from Sony. I personally thought then it would be a good idea. When MS bought Skype I knew they had some tricks up their sleeve. I can see universal chat through Skype.

TheTwelve2558d ago

Of course you know Sony will go to Google to compete with this, if need be.

mwjw6962558d ago

Sony work with google??? HAHAHAHA you dont know Sony very well.

TheTwelve2558d ago

---mwjw696 --- That's why Sony has Android for their Xperia and works hand in hand with Google for the original and current Google TVs. The two companies have worked together especially in areas where the other side lacks to compete with Apple/Microsoft. --- 12

MaxXAttaxX2557d ago (Edited 2557d ago )

Maybe not used as a universal chatting medium, but then again that's what the party-chat on Vita is for.
But on XBL you'd need to pay for a Gold membership to use it, just like the internet browser.

Buzz7S2557d ago

Well Skype is available with other Sony devices, including the PS Vita. I haven't tried it myself, but it is available and not restricted to only Microsoft-owned products.

ALLWRONG2557d ago

"but it is available and not restricted to only Microsoft-owned products"

It will be when the next Xbox is launched or at least crippled on other platforms.

sikbeta2557d ago

Nothing wrong with that

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IAMERROR2558d ago (Edited 2558d ago )

Hopefully this leans towards better free online, sense Skype to skype has always been free it'll be a bit silly to be a gold only feature. Next step, making online gaming free. Trust me a lot of people would get an Xbox if it had free online MP.

CommonSenseGamer2557d ago

If using the browser on the 360 requires gold then I don't like the chances of Skype being free to use either.

jslash2557d ago

Not a chance. The paid service has worked brilliantly for them this gen..there's no reason for them to revert to a free online service.


Netflix access, internet browser and online play... Three features that say you may be wrong, free everywhere else, pay for access on XBL.

Can it change next gen? Sure. They can also go with a pink console with a unicorn horn and my little brony theme... Anything can happen next gen. But nothing points towards it right now.

Hozi2557d ago

hey, I know a lot of Microsoft Fanboys will jump in defence against this, but could you at least hear me out?!

I don't care if I can watch Netflix on my console, nor do I care if I can use the internet browser and all those other media apps...all I really care about is the gaming experience.

With that said, I believe that M$ should make all multiplayer games available to silver accounts. They can still have Gold, but don't charge people to play online, we've already got internet bills, electricity bills, and not to mention we pay $60 for a game and what's the point of paying for a game if you can't access the whole game (multiplayer too)? Sony has free MP, Steam is Free...M$ Can make it free and still have a Gold Account for ppl who wanna get extra games, free games, beta Testing, etc...

Don't you agree?

nukeitall2557d ago

I think there is a fine free alternative on the market with PSN, so I say keep XBL a paid service. I like the community, features and ease of use. By removing the fee you might just change the community.

If you paid for XBL, you are likely a hardcore online gamer. Those are the types of people I enjoy playing online matches with because they want to play online.

I don't want a friends list full of people that just want to play single player games.

Godz Kastro2557d ago (Edited 2557d ago )

Dude stop with the Xbox live cost already... Sheesh, I paid $40 for a year and got 800 free ms points along with it. That .11 cents a day not even including the ms points. I'd rather pay that for a better online experience.

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AngelicIceDiamond2558d ago

This has been rumored for a while. If that's the case then expect (finally) crystal clear output through the Mics and don't necessarily need Turtlebeach's, Tritons or Astros for superior voice quality(still nice to have though).

This also could also mean with default Skype functionality MS could introduce something that goes beyond Cross Gamechat.


TheDivine2557d ago

I'm thinking maybe actually seeing people during mp. Maybe a screen on the controller with a camera so you could see your friends reaction when you kill his ass. I've always wanted more stuff like this. Idk Skype does video so there's bound to be something interesting.

UnholyLight2558d ago

DONT FORGET nrvalleytime:

Our beloved Xbox Live has never been shut down for what was it, two months? Because we couldn't figure out how to make a secure online system (looking right at you Sony). The only trouble you can get into on XBL is if you try and get "free microsoft points" through a email phishing scam, and that FIFA scam as far as I know.

Never had a problem, every Sony guy I know from my town (7 people) all were jealous cus their service was down forever. Lolz. Xbox Live sucks my ass, a service that is secure, now that's something worth paying for.

FunAndGun2558d ago

I would rather be down for a month then to be extorted out of $500 during the life of my console.

That month is gone and over...while you are still paying.

calis2557d ago

and yet when we pay for an online service, we get games.

You get to pay to play a part of a game you already bought.

Oh also, I seem to remember Live being down over Christmas a few years back, and Major Nelson having his account hacked.

ThanatosDMC2557d ago (Edited 2557d ago )

This old news since Skype has been spamming e-mails about integrating our Live account into Skype. It's really annoying. I did it all ready... why am i still getting trash e-mails.

Hopefully, this does not affect people that use Skype to cast tournament on twitch and those that use it to make youtube gameplay videos.

fatstarr2557d ago

this is really smart, having a default voice/video app that can be used
between phone, console , pc and tablet is a big move

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aviator1892558d ago

My family and I are huge fans of skype and we use it nearly every day to get together with our other family members so this is pretty cool.

NobleTeam3602557d ago

I don't even get why anyone would disagree this comment?

NoobJobz2557d ago

Because people will disagree agree with anything you say. It may have been for the part about how much they love Skype and maybe th disagreers don't love Skype.maybe they don't have a family. Maybe they don't use it every day.

TheGamerDood2558d ago

Fantastic idea hopefully you won't need a gold account to use it though.

DFresh2558d ago ShowReplies(2)
aviator1892558d ago

I honestly do not think this will require a gold membership account for some reasons:

1) Voice chat is already free and requires just xbox live silver
2) I's a widely used feature, even among free members so I doubt ms would just completely shaft that entire segment
3) They're simply replacing an existing feature with another, not adding in another one or alternative to go along with voice chat.

lastofgen2558d ago

Well, when you look at it that way, I think it makes sense.

2pacalypsenow2557d ago

You will but anyone that has and xbox should have live by now

BanBrother2558d ago

Finally something I can say is a good move from MS. Should make voice chat and video chat much more simplified. How much will they charge for a Next-Box webcam though? In-built Kinect camera??

hazardman2558d ago

Well seeing as you can already use kinect to video chat, I'm assuming kinect 2 will be all you need.