Oblivion PS3 Images

French website www.play3-live.com posted some images of PS3 Oblivion taken from the Official Playstation Magazine. The PS3 version will have the same graphics as the 360 and PC version as the developer saw no point in updating the graphics since they were already pleased with how the game looked, they did however fix all the bugs and added some new quests. Ubisoft will publish the game which will be available on the 17 Nov 2006 on launch day.

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bilal6268d ago

look pretty average...
many people who wanted to play this game badly have already played it... i think it would sell much less on ps3 its old game's port..
and for that reason the next oblivion would again be a 360 exclusive.....
i would be more interested if it was 3rd person rather than fprpg....
first person games on consoles i just couldnt want them less.......

Dante16268d ago

How this next installement of this game would be a 360 exclusive, the fact they are brining this game as quick to the Ps3 as could be tells you something, that if PS3 had been out earlier it would have been on PS3, fact is it will now be a multi platform game, 1 less reason to buy a 360, this game looks better and plays better on the PS3.

bilal6268d ago

spliter sell
and oblivion...
by the time a game is ported the hype is gone and it never sells that much...
i cannot think of a game that did that with considerable amount of delay....
it may be a great title but it would probably pass out as a sleeper title when compared to the hype of all the new games.....

Grown Folks Talk6267d ago

doesn't the piece say it will look the same? maybe i misread it. will look the same but with bugs fixed and added quests. how is the same better?

Grown Folks Talk6267d ago

you can change from 1st to 3rd with a click of a button at anytime you want.

The Snake6267d ago

This game can be switched to 3rd person, it just doesn't play as well.

Siesser6267d ago

One example of a ported game selling more is Viewtiful Joe. Awesome game originally released on the Gamecube. Then, almost a year later, it was ported over to PS2, where its sales jumped considerably.

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shotty6268d ago

This game is being ported by Ubisoft. The original one for the xbox 360 was done by 2K.

Silverwolf6268d ago (Edited 6268d ago )

Quote: "but the play should not undergo graphic change, but, at best, should correct small the défaults and bugs preceding versions."

How is it going to LOOK any better? All they are doing is fixing the bugs they left on the xbox 360 because they wanted to launch A.S.A.P. This has nothing to do with console capabilities like you want to make it sound. It has to do with development time and refinement.

Arkham6266d ago

Well the good news is that an excellent game will be able to be enjoyed by even more people. Not every game has to be tailor-made in order to be a winner. This is good news for all, and, I believe, a sign of things to come. With both console platforms being so close in quality, we're going to see a lot more median games out there that look just as good on both machines. If a game looks good, it looks good. It doesn't always have to look *better*. Unless it's MGS. ;)

LiquifiedArt6268d ago

Overrated!! And maybe it wouldnt be so overrated if it played at a solid framerate. The game loses alot of the immersion whenit goes form 60fps to 12fps.

TheXgamerLive6268d ago (Edited 6268d ago )

dante1 and other wannabe fan boys are sad that there system isn't doing well so they complain and make excuses and make up factual information. The ps3 has repeatedly been proven that it's not superior but infact is more inferior in many ways. It can become a solid platform but not until sony works out it's many bugs first. The thing is, sony fan boys wanna be like us, so they try to up play anything we give them as far as our left overs go. Don't try to make our scraps look like the main course fools, were finished with our first big meal, but, hey, here you go, give a dog a bone.

Ok Ok,before you go off crying, Oblivian is a great game, I still play it sometimes, but it's the same game, it just has some internal bugs fixed as all game designers do after a game's been out for this long, don't be to proud lil men, it's a good game that's already been enjoyed by several millions on XBOX 360. Sit down, be quite and pay attention and maybe we'll let you enjoy it too.

Antan6267d ago

"The ps3 has repeatedly been proven that it's not superior but infact is more inferior in many ways"

i agree, ive lost count with the amount of ps3 games ive played where i thought this, sorry? oh its not out yet?!! oh im sorry, i just thought.........

and which ps3 games have you played lately? Dipstick.