Assassin's Creed: DX10 confirmed, faster than DX9

PCGH made an interview with Charles Beauchemin, Technical Lead of Assassin's Creed PC.

PCGH: When porting for the PC have you thought about integrating support for DirectX 10 into the engine? Will there be a version of Assassin's Creed that will utilize the new Vista API?

Charles Beauchemin: Yes, Assassin's Creed supports DX10 as well as DX9.

PCGH: What are the technical advantages of that API?

Charles Beauchemin: DirectX 10 enables us to make fewer calls to the API to perform the same actions. Therefore, it will be possible for the drivers to make optimizations making the game faster without any change to the game engine. Since most of the DX10 drivers are still young, we can expect a lot of gain to come from the optimization of these drivers.

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TheIneffableBob3889d ago

So I guess this means that DX10 in Vista will be as fast as DX9 in XP.

Bnet3433889d ago

Another blow to the consoles. Anyone missing out on PC gaming needs to get into it.

Charmers3889d ago

I will believe it when I see it. Don't get me wrong I love PC gaming but the reduction in frame rates of Vista made me switch back to XP. I can't personally see Assasins Creed making me rush back to Vista, even if I bother to get the game at all, from what I have heard it is very repetitive.

Charlie26883889d ago

Here is what I found "interesting"

Technically the DX10 would need to be EXTREMELY faster than the DX9 to be at the end at the same level and even surpass if you wonder why here is why

as every one knows DX10 ALWAYS take a toll in the performance (see game comparisons like WoC or Crysis)

as everyone knows Vista takes another chunk in the performance (not so big as a launch but its from a 5% to more)

and now XP with SP3 you actually gain 10% performances

now even more the hardware requirements for DX10 will be heavier than the DX9

so what? DX10 AC is suppose to be 30%-even 40% performance than the DX9 so after Vista and DX10 drivers toll you actually have so extra performance to beat XPs SP3?


Gorgon3888d ago

It's not D10 itself that "always" takes a toll on performance. That only happens if you add features that are not existent in DX9. If the effects and graphics are the same, then DX10 is faster. The problem, though, is with Vista. So even if the features are the same and DX10 is faster, it still doesn't compensate for Vista's low performance.

I've heard a lot of devs praising DX10 but that's all PR BS. So far I've only seen worse performance with the DX10/Vista versions, and on top of that the requirements in hardware are higher for Vista.

Bottom line: Vista sucks.