The Single Most Important Thing All Next-Gen Consoles Need Is...

Mobile & Apps: "What is it that all next-generation consoles need you wonder? The answer isn't fancy graphics and super-fast computing, but what all next-generation consoles need is a screenshot tool."

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1upgamer992559d ago

Uh, the Wii U does that already.

EddieNX 2558d ago

By pressing the home button (to act as a screenshot capture button) the image can then be shared on Miiverse.

The 3DS can do this also. Press home (to take any screen shot) then go to the Notes app and you will have the top and bottom screen and you can select either screen and the top screen image is 3D. This can then be exported to your camera/images app which can then be put onto swapnote or your computer via SD card.

Old news is old.

deafdani2558d ago

Wait... how do you export the screens that appear in the 3DS's notes section to the SD card? I don't remember seeing any option for that. Granted, it's been a while since I last checked the notes, but still...

profgerbik2558d ago

Vita does that also.. I think what all new consoles need is Hologram Projectors, that project straight from the console so we never have to use TV's or buy anything separate to game on one.

Now that would be epic.

Dasteru2558d ago

My PSP does that also.. CFW FTW.

profgerbik2557d ago

Your PSP has a hologram projector?

Dasteru2557d ago

I was talking about the screenshot function.

deafdani2558d ago

A screenshot tool? No, just no. The most important thing any console needs is good games, and a fucking lot of them. Everything else is secondary.

Seriously... a screenshot tool? -___-

ScubbaSteve2558d ago

Preach it.

I would have accepted a push to talk button on the controller tho. Once you have someone on your team forget to take their mic off when they go to the bathroom, you too will agree with me on this one.

kma2k2558d ago

One thing i dont see people mention very often that i think is somewhat along the screenshot lines. I would LOVE the ability to "watch" friends play. Hang with me here, say you go to your friends section & you see your friend playing any game, give us one option othen than message or trophies/achivements give us a watch or peek option. Even if its limited to only a minute or two. This would be a great tool for selling games as well as i think it would be cool to be able to see where a friend is at or how good/bad they are. Of course give us the private option if we want so people cant if we dont want them to but i think it would be cool. In no way is this a MUST just an idea!

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The story is too old to be commented.