When Will We See The Next Prince Of Persia? | OnlySP

OnlySP writes "Like sands through the hourglass, Prince Of Persia has marked and measured time through the years. Eight core games (plus two DS titles) and a relatively financially successful film translation have been good to the Prince, but 2013 has arrived and there is no mention of the Prince or any new exploits he may have in the works. So I ask – when will we see the next Prince Of Persia?"

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Root2558d ago

It's worse because the game ended on a cliff hanger and even the DLC did

It was a game they could easily improve on in the sequel

showtimefolks2557d ago (Edited 2557d ago )

I hope they go back to its PS2 glory days and make next POP more like those games

with AC series i think UBI has their Fix for POP

hopefully next gen will bring some excellent POP games


the way AC series is selling don't expect Ubi to stop making AC games anytime soon. now people hate on COD all the time but give AC series a free pass even though AC series also needs to evolve. One thing that has always turned me off about AC games is the Combat which is very slow/dull and gets repetitive

let's hope we don't see another AC game till fall 2014

prototypeknuckles2557d ago

right, but sadly i think that the rumored "assassians creed/egypt" looking game actually is the new PoP, and its kind of sad because ubisoft created this beautiful game more reminiscent of sands of time and instead of finishing the story they would rather turn PoP into another assassians creed game, but e3 2013, will reveal all so ill wait for my judgement.

jakmckratos2557d ago

I really enjoyed the 2008 game. I hope a sequel comes to that rather soon...I kind of forgot about it just because it's been soooo long. Forgotten Sands was just that...a Forgettable experience that was fun to play after the movie came out in 2010

Wingsfan242557d ago

Just picked up POP 2008 for $2 a Gamestop the other day. Looking forward to trying it after I finish DMC.

blackblades2557d ago

I enjoyed it to, sequel needs to come tired of seeing assassin creed releasing every year like cod, sh1t I haven't even played the last 3 they need to slow it down.

greatcrusader442557d ago

I remember how Next-gen and utterly unique Assassins Creed 1 looked when I saw it at E3 before I had moved to next-gen. Its weird a few yrs later seeing a sequel to it just makes me go Meh.

Riderz13372557d ago

I just want them to focus more on the original Sands of Time gameplay feel. I don't know why but I just couldn't get into Warrior Within and Two Thrones. The series changed too much too quickly.

isarai2557d ago

When they can find a way to tack on multiplayer and block in game content as part of the Uplay Passport

Hozi2557d ago

Here is a random Trivia question.

Who is the real Prince of Persia?


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