Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen dated

Capcom has given a release date to the “Dark Arisen” expansion for Dragon’s Dogma.

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DragonKnight2567d ago

Dragon's Dogma was one of the few things Capcom has gotten right this gen. I sincerely hope they haven't screwed up the sequel.

execution172567d ago

yeah I love it, just hope they do something with the quick travel when or if they do a sequel

DragonKnight2567d ago

I understand that Capcom didn't implement a traditional fast travel system so that the Pawns could learn about locations and stuff, but they could have at least offered something like mounts so that travel didn't have to be so long and boring.

I'm sure that Capcom will make a sequel to this, as this is one of the few games people haven't complained about coming from them. Let's hope this expansion isn't messed up either.

execution172567d ago

yeah I hope they add horses or something for the next go around; shame you couldn't hold on to the Harpies for that long, could of been pretty sweet to use those to fly short distances ^_^

DragonKnight2567d ago

Haha, yeah that would be something. Or ride a griffin. Now that would be sweet.

rextraordinaire2566d ago

On new game +, you can place 10 waystones for fast travel. They cost a lot, but you can make a huge load of money from the everfell before starting New Game +. With the speedrun and hard modes they added, it's a good thing.

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da_2pacalypse2567d ago

Wow... an actual expansion disc... Boy I've missed those! Here is hoping! :D

oneinabillion2567d ago

please dont overprice it if it really is $56 it beter be worth it which i doubt it is, yeah DDs fun but it dont feel complete maybe like 80% BUT NOT 100% which other games do and then the dlc was deffenently overpriced shouldve been like 50 cents most of it was crap i only bought 2 dlc, but if its is 56 ill wait for reviews and stuff and if its worth that price because if it isnt hopefully next year it drops, but capcom once again full of it acting like they had a change of heart we put money in your pockets stop screwing us over. am not giving them my money unless its doesnt have disc locked conent and actually feels complete.

JAMurida2567d ago

I was hoping for it to be sooner than April, but all is good. Hopefully get more info soon.