Microsoft Reveal New Xbox Exclusive

Microsoft Studios has today announced a new Xbox exclusive title coming this spring. While console gamers are used to explosions, high-octane races and adrenaline pumping combat, this new title is something a little bit different: World Series of Poker: Full House Pro.

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Hellsvacancy2558d ago

And there I was thinking it was going to be a major exclusive, silly me

NukaCola2558d ago

They play it off like its Journey or Limbo. Another Poker game. Why buy this when 99% of pokee games are free online.

KMCROC542558d ago

Cause not everyone is poor or down on their luck or always expecting FREE stuff like a loser. Some of us can pay ,buy,charge without whining about cost. If you can't buy it or afford it keep walking.

wallis2558d ago (Edited 2558d ago )

I completely agree. It's a redundant product that's not interesting and is a pointless attempt by a news site to get hits. It's a lame tactic. In regards to KMCOCK54 - yeah a great way to keep the money you earn is to not blow it on useless crap. An essential component to NOT being poor I think you'll find.

awi59512558d ago

Who cares this generation is over sale your consoles and go PC and wait for next gen. Because next year they wont be worth squat.

LAZL0-Panaflex2558d ago

Well said. Sad day for xbox gamers.

EVILDEAD3602558d ago

Lol @ the same old troll attempts for EVERY single MS ad from the same people.

On topic..

Loved Full House Poker but this sounds like its going to be huge with free to play and the WSOP license attached for added realism. Cool concept and itself be interesting if you can play against Windows 8 players directly.

Texas Holdem was great, Full House was better but this sounds like its going to be big on Arcade.


BertlSenix2558d ago


The PS3 has some of the best games ever created coming out in this year.
Alone "The Last of Us" and "Beyond Two souls" will be 2 games that will define the whole gaming industry in a complete new way.
They do so much new things no one could have thought is possible with such old hardware.And im not talking only about graphics > The Last of Us will have the best AI in Console Gaming ever created.

The gen is over for 360 gamers but not for PS3 Gamers.They still get like 20+ exclusives this year WORLDWIDE.
The 360 gets a Gears of War Spinoff but well..360 gamers should be used to it LOL

SilentNegotiator2558d ago (Edited 2558d ago )

"Cause not everyone is poor or down on their luck or always expecting FREE stuff like a loser. Some of us can pay ,buy,charge without whining about cost. If you can't buy it or afford it keep walking"

PAY for something, redundantly free everywhere else, simply because you can afford it? Who would do such a thing?

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Outside_ofthe_Box2558d ago

You shouldn't be expecting anything major for 360. MS isn't going to announce a major title that's going to release in mere months upon announcement. All the major titles will come when the nextbox is revealed.

DoctorXpro2558d ago

Some people are plain stupid u know

AngelicIceDiamond2558d ago (Edited 2558d ago )

@Box For the 20th time that's what I been saying. But for some reason when I say it I get disagrees.

Ms is more than likely releasing casual games for the 360 and leaving all the hardcore newer titles for the 720.

This Xbl poker game is great way to keep people interested and win real prizes and its F2P so people can download it and jump right into it.

I guess it takes someone else to say it and make it clear, but when I do it its disagree marathon I'll never understand why.

animegamingnerd2558d ago

i am still a little not sure if we are going to see a big new IP for the launch of the next xbox since M$ hasn't release a triple A IP that isn't gears of war or halo since 2010

ALLWRONG2558d ago

You sound like people who lose at poker. Sit down at my table I'll gladly take all your money.

Jek_Porkins2558d ago

Why waste time, development and money on something this late in the cycle? Everything right now is pointing towards a new Xbox launching this year, they have around 18 studios that have been very, VERY quiet for the last 2, 3 years.

I think Microsoft just takes the idea to launch a new console with a strong lineup.

Interested to see what the next Xbox brings!

Knight_Crawler2558d ago (Edited 2558d ago )

But when the Uncharted card game was announced, Sony is god.

Can I ask you guys a question hell and Nuka, why do you guys open and comment MS /360 related articles if you guys worship Sony?

@Riverstarter - That would be aswsome but instead of money you can gamble your gamer points, achivements or MS points.

2v12558d ago

dude read nuka past messages and u will see the guys is neutral bus does say truth that hurts the fanboys of both consoles.

IAMERROR2558d ago

As someone who prefers the Xbox I can tell you this news is pretty boring. We have plenty of poker games on XBLA, is this needed? F2P okay... still
And Nuka does lean towards the Sony crowd but at least he speaks sense most of the time unlike 90% of the sony fanbase around here.

BitbyDeath2558d ago (Edited 2558d ago )

"But when the Uncharted card game was announced, Sony is god."

Uncarded got tons of hate, even from PS3 owners where you been?
Have a re-read of the comments -

Snookies122558d ago (Edited 2558d ago )

What... Were you reading? A lot of people didn't like the Uncharted card game idea... :\

I love card games, I love Uncharted, yet even I found that to be odd and unnecessary.

Ult iMate2558d ago (Edited 2558d ago )

Sony is good, because it gave not _only_ an Uncharted card game, but also the Golden Abyss - a sterling portable action-adventure. So Hunt for Treasure is an addition to Golden Abbys. And what is the game that come in addition to MS card game?

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IAMERROR2558d ago

Another poker title on XBLA.........................
C'mon MS!

Oh_Yeah2558d ago (Edited 2558d ago )

Lol...really Microsoft...really? Shit you can already play poker in other games as a side thing to do, far cry 3 anyone? I'd rather have poker thrown into a game than a standalone..this is something you'd find on the android market for free and last time I checked xbox isn't a phone.

Snookies122558d ago

Microsoft is really doing wrong by gamers with crud like this... I hope they start treating their customers better when it comes to actual games in the future. Something like this is just not needed...

They need to focus on making some big exclusives that can compete with Sony's. Yet they seem to just be complacent with where they are, no longer trying... I just don't like seeing gamers (despite which platform they may or may not choose.) get the short end of the stick on things like this. That's what really matters after all, right? The games...

stage882558d ago

Xbox... Exclusive?? If I had 1000 guesses of what MS was releasing I would never have guessed that.

EDIT - Oh, it's a poker game.... great.

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Rockefellow2558d ago

Welp, anyone want to buy my PS3 & games? With an exclusive like this, I have no choice but to go with the 360.

riverstars862558d ago

Now if they made the game play with real money, I'd say that is awesome. Unfortunately it will be another painfully slow paced poker game for the 360. Freaking George W. Bush!

Nicaragua2558d ago

I used to think Xbox had no exclusives but boy do I feel like a fool now.

AAACE52558d ago

With exclusives like this Ifeel more comfortable that Istopped paying for xbl and put the 360 in the living room for my wife to play kinect. Problem is all she does is play the games we already bought... mainly minecraft and carcassone. She can't make herself buy any kinect games!

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