Dragon Age 3 artist: Xbox 720 tech won't be as "obvious" a leap as Xbox to Xbox 360

"I have to be careful here as there are non-disclosure agreements involved!" says BioWare's Neil Thompson. [OXM UK]

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dennett3162569d ago

I've been saying this for a while...the leap over last gen and the WiiU will not be as massive as people think it will. It's going to be more about stability of full 1080p at a minimum of 60fps with no screen tearing...possibly with 3D.

Hardware is, of course, important but far more important is the games that are played on it. If it's the same old stuff as last gen with only a slightly nicer coat of many will be disappointed?

Septic2569d ago

Reading that particular comment in its entirety paints a more clearer picture

"For the next generation there will be quite a big leap, but it won't be as obvious," Thompson revealed. "People will do things in a cleverer fashion - and I have to be careful here as there are non-disclosure agreements involved! I think they'll be better prepared, shall we say - but we can't see a ten-fold team increase again as the budgets would just be ridiculous."

Interesting info though....wonder how they are better prepared?

AAACE52569d ago

I still say the 720 will have a quad core cpu and about 2 gigs of ram.

trikster402569d ago

Just from reading the article, it sounds like there will be far more graphics engines developed by middleware than this last generation. You're going to see more games predominantly using middleware engines than ever before. Just think how many games used the Unreal engine this gen? Next gen, these major publishers will not only rely on their software sales but licensing costs from their engines to succeed. Not having to develop your own engine will save you those production costs.

DeadlyFire2569d ago

Well Square Enix, Crytek, EA, Epic. All have no need for a new game engine. They are building their own next-gen engine.

If its really not that big of a leap WiiU might have a leg to stand on in the new generation against the two bigger consoles.

Definitely possible. Possibly with 4 core ARM CPU on the side for Windows 8 RT/ARM edition.

TheGamerDood2568d ago (Edited 2568d ago )

posted this in another thread but relevant to discussion here.

"If the rumors are true and it's looking like they are then the PS4 will have a higher clocked CPU, beefier GPU and faster RAM, than the next Xbox. Yikes! I hate to say but it looks like those whispers of MS abandoning the core and focusing mainly on the casual market may have been true. D:"

kickerz2568d ago

Day 1 purchase for me :) I gotta stop reading these next gen articles, getting to pumped up...Still got ages to wait, dang it lol.

AAACE52568d ago

In reality all that will be needed is a setup that allows for data to be read on the disc quicker. For this gen ram was the problem on ps3 and 360 had disc space issues.

lfclee2568d ago

it won't be enough of a huge leap for me to give up my PS3 no way !

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SynGamer2569d ago

The simple fact is that this current generation has seen numerous games running at or BELOW 720p @ 30fps. While it may not be as large of a leap graphically, I am still eagerly awaiting the next generation and solid 1080p @ 60fps. The different will be noticeable and welcomed.

What I'm REALLY looking forward to are the improved physics. The current hardware can already do 1080p at "roughly" 30fps. I believe WipeOut runs at 1080p on the PS3. So if we can get games to look a bit better (more RAM) on the new systems, we should be in for a treat when it comes to physics and AI.

dktxx22569d ago

Consoles today could do 60fps at 720p, or even 1080p if they really wanted to. They choose better graphics over better framerates. I don't see why developers would all of the sudden change that philosophy.

I'm not saying they won't, who knows. But just because they can achieve 60fps, doesn't mean they will.

EddieNX 2569d ago

OK , let me just get something straight here . Why is everyone so bothered about Resoloution and framerate ? Resoloution and framerate are important for sure.

But the actual fidelity of the graphics is what is important. For example - If you had graphics that litteraly almost resembled real life running at 720p 30FPS , it would be a MASSIVE MASSIVE MASSIVE leap over curent xbox 360 graphical fidelity.

Sure Resoloution and FR is important but it's a bonus really and not as important as making the graphics displayed as impressive as they possibly can be. This is why Native 4K gaming is about 10 years away , Do you think Devs want to sacrifice all of their graphic fidelity to render the game in 4K which let's face it , is hard to tell the difference between Native 1080p with full AA.

Bottom line is , Xbox 360 graphics with 1080p 60FPS or xbox 720 graphics at 720p/1080p 30FPS with massive worlds and NOTICEABLY better graphics with crysis 3 looking games being the minimum...

zebramocha2569d ago

Resolution allows small detail on characters to be scene and frame rate makes the game smooth or choppy.

SynGamer2569d ago

Rumors are that Sony will REQUIRE 1080p @ 60fps (and 3D) for PS4 games. That would require developers to make sure they meet those requirements before being released. I fully support this type of requirement so that developers immediately know what they must produce as a minimum. I have a 1080p HDTV at home, I want my games to at least support this resolution properly, none of this upscale BS.

dirthurts2568d ago (Edited 2568d ago )

Resolution+Framerate >>>>> Fidelity in my opinion.
When I game on pc, I always set the graphics to the absolute max detail I can get and still retail a solid 1080p(my resolution)/60fps.
I don't crank up the graphics and watch my frame rate tank into the 40's or worse.
I have a pretty decent computer, so I rarely have to do this thankfully, but when I must I must.

starchild2568d ago

I agree that resolution and framerate are very important, but good anti-aliasing and v-sync are just as important.

Nothing ruins a gaming experience more for me than having the image quality seriously degraded by jaggies and screen tearing.

I hope devs will make these things a priority in the coming generation.

nukeitall2568d ago


"Rumors are that Sony will REQUIRE 1080p @ 60fps (and 3D) for PS4 games."

That would likely put an unreasonable condition on game design. What if the developer was creating this groundbreaking game with lots and lots of physics, which would tax the graphics so it had to be reduced to 1080p at 30fps?

That's just an example, but you see where I'm heading with this.

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shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2569d ago (Edited 2569d ago )

Maybe it would be better to release cheaper consoles every 5 years? I wouldn't mind.

I expect the same from sony but since they have great devs I am not worried if they can make uncharted on 512mb of memory seriously I am not worried if they have 4gb ram.

I am sure the next halo will look great though.

Also this will be perfect for a steam box that can upgrade & I see pc gaming getting even bigger is the new console are no big change.

Gildarts2569d ago (Edited 2569d ago )

Black tusk, turn 10, rare, twisted pixel, MS Victoria, Lift London, lionhead and numerous others who are working on secret projects.

Nice stealth edit btw, You said something like "who's going to develop games for Xbox 720?, 343i and?.."

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3-4-52568d ago

IF you are correct, then games will never be as important to a generation then they will be for the next.

The counter the Non shock and awe the people will experience in terms of hardware and graphics, there will have to be one of the best gaming libraries in the history of any console.

ziggurcat2568d ago

"I've been saying this for a while...the leap over last gen and the WiiU will not be as massive as people think it will. It's going to be more about stability of full 1080p at a minimum of 60fps with no screen tearing...possibly with 3D."

it may not seem like it right away, but i'm pretty sure that games will look leaps and bounds better than the games out on the current systems... especially later on in the new systems' life cycles.

CalvinKlein2568d ago (Edited 2568d ago )

comming form someone who is working on dragon age it doesnt mean much. I rented dragon age 1 on ps3 because I heard it was the better of the console versions....And it looked like a ps2 game and ran at like 10-15 FPS. I can only imagine how bad the 360 version was if it was worse than that.

FlyingFoxy2568d ago (Edited 2568d ago )

John Carmack said Doom 4 will run only 30FPS on consoles, 60 on PC.

So it already looks like PC is ahead.. but that's nothing new.

lfclee2568d ago

I don't think it will be worth upgrading to the next gen consoles , i don't think i will be now after reading a lot of talk on various websites no way !

Blackdeath_6632568d ago

"stability of full 1080p at a minimum of 60fps with no screen tearing...possibly with 3D" PC's have been doing that for years, if that really is the case then there is no point getting a console next gen

tubers2568d ago (Edited 2568d ago )


I'm willing to bet that a lot of graphics taxing games (ala UC series) developed and exclusives on the next gens still won't run 1080p at 60 FPS.

Devs like to put a lot of effects, better geometry, more objects and better physics and probably show wider "scope" of the game..

The next gen games with "flagship" graphics (like the PS3's GoW/Heavy Rain/UC) will still run a sub 1080p and around 30 FPS.

Im not saying that's a bad thing. It's just the trend of things.

[email protected] will be reserved for your "PS3 Classics".

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LAWSON722569d ago (Edited 2569d ago )

That was obvious, i just hope they have a nice built in solid state for the os maybe it would improve the speed of loading times, beacuse the 360 is just slow as hell. Maybe support bluray to eliminate multiple discs, and maybe try to have a minimum of 500gb hdd to push digital. I honestly can say i will not being buying a new xbox 720 until halo 5 and no matter what it offers it will not be better than my pc, which is cheaper to support and manage.

madjedi2568d ago

The os is one of the few advantages ms has over sony, being slow to load isn't a complaint against the 360, i have ever had. Trying to rip a cd to a 360 on the other hand, is scary stuff.

Ezz20132569d ago

i said it all the time
you guys think there will be HUGE gap(like ps2 to ps3) between ps3/360 and next gen consoles ?!

you are in for a rude awakening

ILive2569d ago

You sound like you want to be right.

Ezz20132569d ago (Edited 2569d ago )

no i don't want to be right
games now cost us 60$
next gen it will cost what for us to buy ???

Dev's to make games this gen needed from 20m to 100M
next gen what will it cost to make a game ???

consoles it self cost 200$ to 300$ till today
next gen consoles will cost us what ???

and all of that aside
the gap won't be huge or big as they think
it will be like going from normal to high setting
and even then most of ps3 exclusives will still look amazing even when we are 5 years into next gen consoles
you get my point ?!

Saigon2569d ago (Edited 2569d ago )


I get your point but the items you question above is one reason why next-gen won't be that much of a leap.

The price of games...I hope they do not cost 60$ upfront. Maybe they can initially but then reduce the cost after a while once the systems have spread their wings.

The development cost will be a big reason to why the gigantic leap will not occur. Just looking at the 20M mark itself is astounding to me. Hopefully next gen that will be the max but for some reason I have a feeling we will see a game over 100M.

With off the shelf tech I expect these next gen systems to cost around 300$ to 400$. At max we could see a high end model (all the bells and whistles, meaning bundles) over 500$ - 600$.

I unlike some is fine with the small leap. I want developers to focus on developing better AI and better aesthetics for games than just graphics.

A game can't function on graphics alone it needs the mechanics behind it to also function properly.

BitbyDeath2568d ago

"games now cost us 60$
next gen it will cost what for us to buy ???"

If that were the case then wouldn't PC games cost at minimum $100 already?

Saigon2568d ago (Edited 2568d ago )


Not certain if you remember but games use to cost a lot less. I remember a time where I could buy a brand new game for 35$-40$ on release day. With this generation that has changed dramatically. 60$ makes me think twice about buying games unless I really want it and I am sure most others think the same.

Next Gen, i expect the same price, if not higher. I hope it is not either. I hope the price of game decrease just a little. I will be fine with 50$ but 40$ will be even better.

Its hard to imply PC games to console games because the PC games range in variable prices. PC games can cost 30$ depending on the title while some would cost extremely more.

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sandman2242569d ago

1080p at 60 fps with a Shiny cost of paint will be just fine.

dirthurts2568d ago

He's saying better frame rate and resolution with a new box would suit him just fine.
I agree.

ajax172568d ago

I meant the shiny cost of paint

Pillville2568d ago

I think you meant "shiny COAT of paint"

Dno2569d ago

then the price better reflect that. console no more then 400 bucks. 450 with a huge HDD and a game.