Twilight Princess exploit leads to Wii hack explosion

The recently-revealed Twilight Princess exploit allows all sorts of unsigned code to run natively on the Wii. Homebrew developers are already starting to take advantage, releasing a bunch of interesting and/or useful unauthorized programs for Nintendo's little white box. Among them are Linux for Wii, MP3 player, SNES emulator, and Wii Tetris (read the full article for links to details and downloads.)

Nintendo has not reacted to the exploit. However, given their recent aggressive pursuit of game pirates, you can expect a PSP-style battle of the firmwares to start any day now.

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Scenarist3890d ago

now i gotta go rush to buy a wii and hope the next shipment doesnt come with an updated firmware..... i love homebrew and i miss my stolen psp....(and yea i know who done it ... and i knocked the bastards front 6 teeth out)

lalilulelo3890d ago

wiis are really hard to find btw...

SlyGuy3890d ago

linux, SNES emulators??

Now I have a reason to blow the dust off my wii and play it again

GodsHand3890d ago

Sell it on ebay for a major profit. There's a sucker in all of us.