DICE '08: Gears of War 2: Cliffy B. Interview

Gametrailers:Lead Designer of the Epic Games masterpiece is going to bring the pain!

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Lord Vader3892d ago

Awesome find ! This interview is obviously B4 the announcement, as Cliffy is tiptoeing around the subject. That is killer that he is playing Mass Effect, what an outstanding title. Cliffy may actually learn how to write a storyline after playing Bioware's masterpiece. Funny stuff...

iceice1233892d ago

He only played it to see the alien pr0n, he didn't actually pay attention :)

Bnet3433892d ago

First of all, Cliffy B doesn't write the story for Gears, they hire a guy to do it. Second, Gears has a a story, and very great potential to a have a very great one come Gears 2. The problem is in Gears 1, they never really fleshed out the story given Epic track record of crappy single player games or maybe they didn't think Gears would succeed so they held back on that part of the game. You will see in Gears 2, everyones story will be told including Dom and his wife and what happens, etc.

TheXgamerLive3892d ago

But a freakin loser sony fan boy found this and is trying to pretend as though the Gears of War 2 is false, lol, how pathetic.

People the game has been announced by all and is coming November 2008 as stated, don't be like the turd boy who posted this, he wasn't trying to inform anyone, just the opposite.

InYourMom3892d ago

where you are getting the Sony fanboy stuff from. I see no reference in this post that it's implying that Gears 2 was not announced. Anyone who pays a little attention knows that DICE happens before GDC so it's implied that this is old..

I wouldn't put it past a droid, but I don't think this is the case with this post.

etownone3892d ago

Gears will be huge. Its a fact.
It was GOTY 2006.
Its still the #3 most played online game in LIVE
and with the movie and a book in the works that just adds to the hype.

Strife Lives3892d ago

When the stage is set, GeOW2 is gna kick ass. And, if u remember corectly,epic said that GeOW2 will be twice the length of the 1st game ! ! Woohoo ! The only thng that'd be the icing on the cake,is if u cn customise the characters and weapons ,the cut scenes arnt FMVs,so its possible