Windows Surface and Windows 8 gets Xbox Live Arcade games

Microsoft has released Xbox Live Arcade games for Surface and other Windows 8 devices. The games includes like Toy Soldiers, Gunstringer and Minesweeper.

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Bigpappy2560d ago

60 Million copies is a bit over 2 months. Some were saying Win 8 was not selling as good as Vista. That was way off. Even thought Win 8 has a much bigger learning curve, people are getting used to having the apps and better security.

Win8 will push a greater focus on touch for PC manufacturers. This means more all in one desktops and tablet/ laptop hybrids. The traditional PC's will stick around for gamers and businesses who are not ready to move in that direction. So Win8 and Win7 will co-exist for a few years.

nukeitall2560d ago

I think once people try Windows 8, they will like it. It is so much snappier and faster than Windows 7. The start screen is actually way better than the button.

The only complaint I have are older apps, often times clutter the start screen with loads of shortcuts that are unnecessary.

myproffs2560d ago

my friend installed Windows 8 and now he want to go back to Windows 7 (mind you this friend love Microsoft products)

Daoshai2560d ago

Id love win8 if I had a touch screen

myproffs2560d ago

is it on laptop? or tablet?