Buying a graphics card? Here’s what you need to know.

Upgrading your graphics card is a fast and affordable route to making huge improvements in your PC’s gaming performance, but if you’re not a tech-head the vast range of options and dizzying lexicon of jargon can be confusing.

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ATi_Elite2557d ago (Edited 2557d ago )

1. Make sure you got a GOOD POWER SUPPLY at the Proper wattage for your system.

2. Decide on your budget and stay within it

3. 2 cards for the price of one can produce better frames per second

4. don't be scared of CFX or SLI as now a days they work GREAT.

5. If you have a PC with a AGP slot then i suggest buying a new PC versus upgrading a GPU.

6. $150 markup on a fancy Overclocked edition is sometimes NOT worth it so READ BENCHMARKS!

7. all else fails ask a PC Gamer

just my suggestions.....I didn't read the article!

TitanUp2556d ago

good thing,you might have started ranting this article is horrible.

hellvaguy2556d ago

1.) Yes good brand power supply is a must. I'd also add in get a lot more watts then u actually need. You wont actually use more electricity, its all on demand. The bigger the psu, the quieter it will run because fans can stay off or on low. In a perfect world, you wud spec your psu 50% higher watts than your actually max load for max life of your power supply.

3.) Theres really no need for sli if u get a high end card nowadays for most users. Unless you need to use 2-3 monitors at 4k resolutions. My preference would be spend the same amount or slightly more then the 2 cards for one good current card. Then in another 1 year your ceiling is higher, u cud sli then, or sell on ebay and get a more current card.

5.) AGP slot have been replaced by PCI slots in every decent pc over 8 years ago.

6.) It's usually not $150 markup for OC or people would just step up to the next series card. OC is more like anywhere from $20-$80 tops.