Patapon is Essential PSP Gaming. Period -

"When we receive Sony titles at the NZGamer office we're initially overrun with a little bias. This isn't because we've allied ourselves with the Sony Defense Force but moreso due to the way Sony provide the press with their games. To put it simply, they deliver their titles in exquisite and luxurious packaging."

Soon after, however, we're usually wrought with bias in the opposite direction - perhaps Sony is trying to bribe as with all these fancy extras?. Patapon was no different; to get to the game we were required to open a Patapon Tube which contained a Patapon booklet which itself contained Patapon stickers, a Patapon press disc and of course the Patapon game itself. After playing Patapon for a while we quickly realised that the tube and its bits weren't there to bribe us into thinking the game was great; instead they were there because Patapon is a game which deserves the red carpet treatment. Patapon, without a doubt, is essential gaming for any PSP-phile, period."

People have referred to Patapon as being similar to Locoroco, and though the art style and developer (Interlink) may lend itself to this opinion, any other comparisons to that game are defunct. In fact, were you to liken Patapon to any other PSP title your best bet would be Puzzle Quest. Like Quest, Patapon represents an amalgam of multiple genres, taking from them their best ingredients to concoct its own wicked little recipe. Patapon is a side-scrolling real-time strategy game infused with rhythm-based controls and a dash of role-playing game elements. Are you salivating yet?"

- Mayur Gandhi

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