It’s a Multi-Console Future, Analysts need to Realize this

By Furious Francis

Although many gamers have multiple current generation consoles, the trend of financial analysts counting the Wii U out because Microsoft and Sony will release more powerful systems is shortsighted. Who says gamers can’t own a Wii U AND a PS4, or a Wii U and a Xbox 720. I’ve never put much stock into what financial analysts say, especially Michael Pachter, but at this point it seems like hes grasping for straws. Not only has he announced the Wii U will sell 45 Million units in its lifetime, he also states Microsoft and Sony will sell more because they will have “better” systems. Last time I checked, the “better” system seldom finishes first.

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MultiConsoleGamer2566d ago

It's good to be a multi console gamer, and it's good to own a gaming PC.

And Michael Pacther is pretty much wrong about everything.

MikeMyers2566d ago

Having options is usually a good thing. The problem is unless those options are supported well they never get fully exploited.

When you have a system like the Wii U it needs to be successful for 3rd party publishers to take chances on its different features. Games like ZombieU were made for the hardware so those games will benefit most. Porting old games and adding a couple of new features isn't going to really do the hardware justice.

It's all about numbers and if publishers feel there isn't enough potential customers they won't take as many chances. This really hurts Nintendo most because they seem to be the ones going in a different route more so than the others. Which is why 1st party games do so well and multiplats don't.

araman2566d ago

Pachter is only relevant because the gaming media keeps paying attention to him, for no apparent reason.

AJBACK2FRAG2566d ago (Edited 2566d ago )

Remember little kittens, There's Coke and there's Pepsi. There's Mcdonald's and Burger King. Oh yeah isn't Microsoft's Xbox 360 in third place now? Interesting.

hiredhelp2566d ago

Still waiting for a Patch for him.

millzy1022566d ago (Edited 2566d ago )

I've always owned multipal consoles and don't plan on stopping now. loving Wii u and looking farward to ps4 I'm unsure on Microsoft though I had a bad experience with my 360's so I'm playing waiting game on them, steambox has more chance at getting my money than Microsoft at the moment

ZeekQuattro2566d ago (Edited 2566d ago )

Outstanding article. Its pretty pathetic that some of these so called analysts get payed a lot of money to spew lies. Especially the rube that claimed if the Wii U doesn't meet all of Nintendo's expectations then they will put their games on other consoles.

I can't see myself only owning only one console an that's why I've always owned multiple ones. Before Sony came along it was Nintendo and Sega for me. Now I play Nintendo and Sony consoles.

metroid322566d ago

There is confirmation already that the 720 will have a gpu equivalent to a HD6670 it even got cleared to be true by a well known developer who has final specs sorry Patcher but the WiiU is more powerful in terms of graphics by a lot go see the benchmarks guys the WiiU has a tweaked HD6770 that beast has 1.36 terraflops of compute power ?

Theyellowflash302566d ago

Pachter is a tool and trolls Nintendo for hits and money. Hes already told investors to say away from Nintendo, of course he'll say nothing positive about them.

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