Why it's time to let the Playstation 3 Die

The Playstation 3 has graced earth for six years now, creating some unbelievable experiences and dedicating itself to the gamer. It is now time for the console to kick the bucket, and let one platform rise that has been held back for far too long.

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Godchild10202566d ago (Edited 2566d ago )

The PS3 doesn't need to die just to make room for the next PlayStation console. They both can be in the room and grow. PS1 & PS2, PS2 & PS3, PS3 & Next PlayStation.

EDIT: That doesn't mean the PS3 needs to die. They just need to slow down support for the Ps3 and get their first party developers to develop for the Vita. They have the studios and if a good share of them have more than one team, it shouldn't be a problem to develop more than on game at a time for both the PS3 and Vita.

I think Sony was really hoping third party would jump on the platform sooner. They need to stop relying on third party to support the Vita and get their first party to do so.

The sales of the PS3 (The money they make), might be off setting the lose of the Vita ()The money they lose. So, that could also be a reason why they are pushing the PS3 more, until they can drop the price and start making a profit, I don't really seeing a big push on the Vita front and that sucks for Vita owners.

discordman2566d ago

Not when Sony isn't doing anything with the Vita.

Godchild10202566d ago (Edited 2566d ago )

I don't understand how people can go from saying Sony needs to stop supporting the PSP, to Sony needs to kill off the PS3 to help the Vita survive.

I understand where the writer is coming from, but what they really need to do is get more games out and quickly get developers in Japan to move from the PSP to Vita. And start the Localization process and get them to do it in a faster pace.

@Coaident, Sony has never killed off a system after they release a new one and we all know that they will still put a game or two, a year or two after the release of a new console on their old one.

coaidant2566d ago

As in, we all know the Playstation 4 is (most likely) going to be announced this year. So is there any point it making and developing games for old hardware when the next best thing is just around the corner. Sure we won't see the PS3 "die off" instantly, but we all know with new hardware that the PS4 will superseded the PS3

koga882566d ago

It really does suck for Vita owners. Sadly I spend more time playing the PSP games brought over by companies like XSEED or Aksys than I do trying out some of the latest Vita games. Many of them happen to simply be ports of the better PlayStation 3 version of the game, so I don't want to play the watered down version even if they offer it with the PS3 version itself.

Also as you mentioned a bit lower, there actually are a lot of Vita games being developed in Japan, however that is the thing, they are only for Japan. You can take a glance at the Japanese release schedule for the Vita and there are almost fifteen games coming out in Japan in the next two and a half months.

There is only, at least as far as I know, two games scheduled to be released on the Vita in the West and one of those is a port of an older game and the other is Sly Cooper 4 which is also available on the PS3. What the Vita needs is localization support more than anything else.

Army_of_Darkness2566d ago (Edited 2566d ago )

well, not till a couple of years after the release of the ps4 anyway.
As for the Vita, it should be sony's last hand held gaming device cause it's all about the android phone games these days.

profgerbik2566d ago (Edited 2566d ago )


PS Vita games that have not been released yet in 2013.

Two games is all you can think of? Sounds like more of a problem on your end.

Killzone - Mercenary
Tearaway (TBA 2013)
Gods Eater 2
Dead or Alive 5+
Ninja Gaiden - Sigma 2+
Sly Cooper - Thieves in Time (5 February 2013 US, 27 February 2013 EU)
Soul Sacrifice (TBA 2013)
Rainbow Moon
History Legends of War - Patton's Campaign (TBA 2013)
Warriors Lair (TBA 2013)
Oddworld - Munch's Oddyssee HD (TBA 2013)
Zone of the Enders HD collection (TBA)
Dragon's Crown (TBA 2013)
Phantasy Star Online 2 (TBA)
Guacamelee! (Q1 2013)
Urban Trial Freestyle (Q1 2013)
Zombie Tycoon 2 - Brainhov's Revenge (TBA 2013)
The Binding of Isaac - Rebirth (TBA 2013)
Sniper - Ghost Warrior 2 (TBA 2013)
Let's Fish! Hooked On (TBA 2013)
Lone Survivor (TBA 2013)
Dragon's Racing (TBA 2013)
Dragon Fantasy Book 2 (TBA 2013)
MLB 13 The Show (5 March 2013)
Madden 14
Rocketbirds:Hardboiled Chicken
Rocketbirds Sequel
Pub Games
Guilty Gear XX accent Core Plus R
Final Fantasy X HD
Muramas:The Demon Blade
Egg "n" roll
Great little War game
One Piece Pirate Warrior 2
Orc Attack

It has also had great localization support for the first damn year of being around. It's already had a couple Japanese games localized with more coming....

knowyourstuff2566d ago

LOL right, here's this week's installment of "What some dumbass on the internet with no education thinks about business strategy - half baked edition"

SolidStoner2566d ago (Edited 2566d ago )

As much as I like my fat ps3, It's really a time for it to die and PS4 to get born! Meanwhile, continue to support every older system...

MikeMyers2566d ago

Why let a system with over 70 million customers just die even if the PS4 comes out? That's the nice thing with Playstation consoles, the gradual decline of the old while the new gets more and more support.

badz1492566d ago

This is very uncalled for. Let the PS3 die? Already? So basically what this stupid writer is trying to say was to let a system with proven games and userbase rot to die immediately to make way for new platforms which are just starting to warm up to the market? Pfft...What a meathead!

Consoles are not like smartphones in which you can change models every year and just hope for people to start flocking to the latest version of phone in town! Of course phones cost more than consoles but the nature of their market is in many ways different! Smartphones are hoped to make impact almost immediately after launch but consoles are expected to flourish over a period of time and it's the job of console manufacturers and game devs to make the consoles stay relevant for as long as they could. It's like a sprint race vs a marathon.

Sony is doing good supporting both the PS3 and Vita imo with both systems anticipating new games varied from established franchises and new IPs alike so I don't see why Sony should let the PS3 die just yet! The announcement of the PS4 is imminent this year, sure, but personally I would love to see he PS3 survives several more years!

Temporary2566d ago

Koga88 obviously knows not what he's talking about ... theres plenty of vita games on the way out...

Murad2566d ago

This is why I like the 3DS a little bit better in my opinion. I'm not a fanboy of Nintendo at all, but I feel they give developers more chances to work with stuff. Like the 3D effects for each game look remarkable, and has a great amount of time in terms of playability. The PS Vita, even though I haven't bought, seems like it doesn't use all of the mechanics, and that's something I'm not going to get until all developers do what Sony promised they would do.

2566d ago
Hozi2566d ago (Edited 2566d ago )

I think one way both Devs and Sony can benefit is if Sony cut the dev. cost of the PS3 and let more indie/small 3rd party devs get a chance to create for the PS3. While Sony and other big 3rd party should focus on PS4.

I don't know the politics behind running a business like this but I think it should workout because then, PS3 gets more support, Devs get to create and won't be drained by the cost of Developing on PS3 now, and we the gamers get more games!!!!

Oh and one more thing...The day Sony REVEALS PS4 is the day PS3 should get a price drop. like $199.

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KangarooSam2566d ago

How about no.
Sony can support PS3, Vita, and PS4. It's called running a business / being a multibillion-dollar world-wide corporation.

militissanctus2566d ago

The author has a point though - my Vita is virtually barren (pardon the pun) minus just a handful of worthy games. I would love some more exclusives for my system. Instead I use it as a beautiful paperweight most of the time.

Sony will kill the whole thing if business isn't proving its worth.

Aceman182566d ago

yea its their business so im sure they know what they're doing. as for people saying the Vita has no games these are people who are either blind, or just not knowledgeable people. hell these are the games i got in the first year of the system

Ragnarok Odyssey
Assassin's Creed Liberation
Sound Shapes
Uncharted Golden Abyss
Retro City Rampage
Wipeout 2048
Gravity Rush
Unit 13
MGS HD Collection

I'd say there were plenty of games in the first year of the Vita release. if people weren't so misinformed they'd see that there are games out with plenty coming this year.

Anon19742566d ago

This article made such a ridiculous article. It's like if Honda made Civics and Forklifts, and someone suggested they stop selling Civics because it's cutting into forklift sales. While both products could drive you from point a to point b, clearly one is meant for another purpose entirely.

"You know, if Sony had just killed the PS2, PSP sales would have gone through the roof."

And the reason, because the Vita is receiving PS3 "ports"? Perhaps the reason the Vita receives PS3 ports while we don't see that happening with the 3DS is, oh, I don't know...because it can?

Personally, as a Vita owner, that's what I love about it, the fact that it's like a PS3 on the go. If someone said to me "But all you can play on the Vita is PS3 games," I'm pretty sure my response would be "Yeah. And it's awesome! Do you know another handheld that can do that?"

But the notion that the Vita is receiving nothing but PS3 ports is dishonest. A quick glance at the release calendar for this year proves that.

showtimefolks2566d ago (Edited 2566d ago )

sony will support ps3 for next 2 years atleast and so will most of the developers whether 1st or 3rd party. and its not just not ps3, xbox360 will also get support for a while.

the install bases for both of the systems are too big for anyone to not release a game on these plus the next gen systems. Graphics difference won't be as huge as a ps2 to ps3 game so it makes sense to release let's say uncharted 4 on ps4 than make a ps3 version too.

also now ps3 is profitable so its time for sony to make some of their losses back

also if you think ps3xbox360 are selling well now think if both get a $00 price drop how much could these sell come this holiday season for $150-200 depending on deals/bundles?

GribbleGrunger2566d ago

So I'm assuming this time last year this author had a similar headline for the 360.

2566d ago
morkendo232566d ago (Edited 2566d ago )


surely your not talking about 360 kicking the bucket or ps3 ....... wii-U?? don't think it will rise up in this generation.

must be talking about: Dreamcast,Gamecube,sega genesis kick the bucket.


IAmLee2566d ago

another pointless opinion piece.. this isn't news...

AlphaJunk2566d ago

I would think they definitely want major developers shifting support to the PS4, so that there will AAA games ready for launch as opposed to those games coming to the PS3 - that would be detrimental for sure and not a very wise business move. Hopefully, Sony's first party games are in development as we speak.

yeahokchief2566d ago

Never! PS3 for life.

So much Value. So many games. So little time.

Jazz41082566d ago

Not to dog on ms but I do think they are confusing the xbox with the playstation. Sony does not drop there system after a new machine usually. They continue to support it as the ps2 is still alive.

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militissanctus2566d ago

Let it die!? It finally surpassed Xbox in total units sold!!

Cam9772566d ago

And now the Xbox fanboys are upset and think it should "die". Stupid opinionated SH*tty article.

2566d ago
solidjun52565d ago

@Marcus_Fenix yea that troll is mad. His name is ironic considering NoFanboRequired is a...fanboy.

profgerbik2566d ago (Edited 2566d ago )


I will say this again. It isn't how you start a race, it is how you finish. None of these companies care that much about launch sales because it only matters how much they have made in the end of it all.

So yea if they are ahead with sales of any kind that is great for them especially when the PS3's life cycle is not even completely over yet. I find it really ignorant that people even compare sales now to that of systems in much different time period.

The economy is total shit right now obviously. So why on earth would any system being sold now do as well as they have in the past? They just wont, times change face it.

I could give a shit about sales though.. Just saying doesn't matter at all how long it took them to beat others they are still beating them is what will always count.

I mean honestly it's like people running laps in a race. Does it matter how fast a person is at all, if they don't manage to finish first at the end of the race? What difference does it make what they did between then if they didn't finish first? Exactly.

Again I really don't care who has the best sales. I just wanted to point that out that it is an accomplishment none the less.

nukeitall2566d ago

"It isn't how you start a race, it is how you finish. None of these companies care that much about launch sales because it only matters how much they have made in the end of it all."

It's important to point out that to these companies winning isn't necessary "market share", but profitability first. Market share is just a "fanboy thing" if it doesn't generate profit.

This generation is coming to an end, and MS could easily increase sales by dropping the price as they haven't done that for years while the competition has. Both consoles are neck in neck on price now, while the Xbox 360 is far cheaper to manufacture so who do you think is making more profit?

MS just wants to squeeze out a big profit of the rest of the race, and start the next race!

It's like winning a race where it doesn't matter anymore (little to no profit) and the attendees already left to save energy (think resources) for the next race.

You might win the race now, but you might loose the next one while focusing on this one and spending all your resources on it.

Anyhow, it doesn't matter. I think this generation turned out the best it could be with serious competition that brought more options for gamers.

Lvl_up_gamer2566d ago

@ nukeitall

You are absolutly right. You have so many disagrees becuase there are many kids on this site who don't understand business. They look at everything as if these companies think of them first.

Bottom line is companies need profit in order to continue producing products that consumers want. Clearly there is a strong market for the 360 at it's current price point so why would MS drop it? The PS3 and 360 are pretty much tied this gen and there isn't much market left out there to sell too. MS is making huge returns on the 360 that will no doubt go towards the 720 like how the PS2's generated revenue helped support the PS3. The 360's tech is 8 year's old yet it's still priced at $200 for a 4gb unit. That's REALLY expensive just for 2gb, $300 for a 250gb bundle and $400 for a 250gb Kinect bundle. Those are REALLY expensive when you consider how far we are in this gen. MS could simply cut each bundle $100 and they would STILL make a profit. But why cut the cost if the 360 is still the #1 selling console in the largest gaming demographic in the world and is kneck and kneck in popularity with their direct competitor?

However, Sony's PS3 used up all of the PS2's profits and now Sony has had to create a barebones PS3 just to try and make some profit off of the PS3 units. Going into next gen, Sony is not going to have the revenue from the PS3 to use as a safty net like the PS3 had with the PS2.

When companies don't have profit, they can't make a competing product. Sony has already stated that the PS4 will NOT be as big of a leap compared to the PS2 to the PS3 and the rumors are already circulating that the PS4 will NOT be as powerful as the 720.

This gen is a sign of the pendulum changing. Sony is no longer the dominant force and you can blame the PS3 for that while MS has become a serious contender in the console market making BILLIONS off of their console products and services EACH YEAR!!!

kenshiro1002566d ago

Pretty sure that Sony is generating profit for the PS3. You really don't have a clue what you're talking about, do you?

badz1492566d ago

That's a lot of bullcrap coming out from u in 1 comment! How can you say such things without even giving a single proof? All you are saying is this gen MS rocks while Sony sucks isn't it? And MS is making money while Sony doesn't? And you went as far as saying

"However, Sony's PS3 used up all of the PS2's profits and now Sony has had to create a barebones PS3 just to try and make some profit off of the PS3 units"

Seriously, where did you get all these data dude?are you saying Sony is telling you stuff they don't tell anybody else? Give me a break!

What you said are just baseless claims as you have no idea on pretty much everything you're trying to pass on as facts up there! Just because you're on the internet doesn't mean you can just come out and state you opinion as facts...omg who am I kidding? That is what people do on the internet most of the time, just like this article!

The PS3 surpassed the 360 in shipment numbers based on data given by both parties, that's a fact! But his jibber jabber that you were spewing up there are nothing more than your opinion! So next time, don't forget to add "imo" before or after you say something without solid proof!

insomnium22566d ago


That's why we have the option to ignore people. No need to read their BS.

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Y_51502566d ago

The PS3 isn't dying anytime soon. What happens when the PS4 releases? Well the PS3 will be following it's legacy like the PS2 did.

3GenGames2566d ago

Not even close, PS2 trashed everything last gen. Sold over 150 Million units. If you think selling 70 million and not releasing 1/2 the library as the PS2 this gen is half as impressive as that, you are pretty dumb. Ps2 was awesome and dominated, PS3 is nice and good, but it didn't. Can't have your cake and eat it too all the time. In fact, surviving a generation in this market is pretty good of a feat, too. Look how few even think about trying to enter it and face the top consoles. Not many at all.

Hoje03082566d ago

I contend that you're the one lacking intellect if you think that the sales are the most important aspect of a console's life to actual gamers. The amount of exclusives Sony has published this gen is amazing and puts the PS3 right up there with its predecessors.

TongkatAli2566d ago

Compare all the Wii, PS3 and 360 games to PS2 games. Guess what ? they all lose to the PS2.

GenericNameHere2566d ago

What are you even trying to say? Because all I read was PS2 is a sales beast, PS3 not, and something about having a cake, and not being able to eat it at the same time??

Are you trying to say that because the PS3 didn't sell as well as the PS2, nor does it even have half the games (which, in the PS3's defense, the PS2 was what the Wii was, a console that had good games, but over 60% of its library was a bunch of crappy licensed games like Barbie, Dora, etc, and games that didnt even need to be made into a game)? Because the PS1 finally died 6 years after the PS2 released (which made the PS1 over 10 years old), and the PS2 finally died in November or December of last year, making it 12 years old. The PS3 has been out for 6 years now (making it 7 this year), and it's still going strong. Sony has also been in the gaming business for 3 generations now, or just around 16-17 years. I think they'll be able to "survive" a generation where their console didn't sell as good as the previous console (look at Nintendo. They were First with the NES and SNES, but when the PS1 released, they LOST HORRIBLY sales wise with the N64, and has stayed that way for 2 generations until the Wii, and now they're doing pretty well again).
What I'm trying to say is, next time, you should reread your comment and make sure it makes sense that even a 4 yr old can read, and to spend less time making a metaphor about eating ice creams.

Y_51502566d ago

I do not think that the PS3 will surpass the PS2. But i do think it's going to follow the life cycle of the PS2. Probably not 13 years but i can see the PS3 being around 10 years since launch atleast. It has a lot of games, games remastered from the PS2 and Ps3's exclusives can make it last for some time from now.

3GenGames2566d ago Show
BlaqMagiq242566d ago

You are the epitome of an idiot sir.

irepbtown2566d ago

By your logic 3GenGames, the Wii is the undeniable winner this gen. It is the best console because it sold more than PS3/360...

Do you understand how ridiculous your comment is now?

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The Glue2566d ago

Yeah, sure...Microsoft has long since abandoned the 360 to focus on the next's time for Sony to put their big boy pants on and say, "Screw you, PS3 users...we're off to look for that NEW MONEY. Smell you later!!"

Ten year life cycle, baby.

Godchild10202566d ago (Edited 2566d ago )

Was this question asked a year ago for the Xbox 360?

I don't understand why the PS3 needs to die, when it was mentioned countless times that the PS3 has a 10 year life cycle.

The PS2 was just laid to rest, why does the PS3 have to follow so soon?

GribbleGrunger2566d ago (Edited 2566d ago )

Well said, Glue. People just don't understand that THIS is the reason people buy a PS branded console. They know that it will serve them for at least 10 years. If Sony suddenly changed that policy, they'd lose the very reason they sold 100 million PS1s, 150 PS2s, 75 million PSPs (and still selling) and 72 million PS3s (and still selling). The very reason they are still selling, and the very reason the PS3 is about to take second place, IS because Sony have the complete opposite view to this article. It's complete madness to throw out your popular apples because you want to sell more oranges. It's the profits from the apples that are allowing you to sell the oranges, and eventually the oranges become profitable and the pears appear! lol. Why can't people understand this simple rule of business?

Ryder492566d ago

Not a bad idea to help out the Vita, though how effective that would be with the Playstation 4 so close to an official reveal is questionable.