Preview: F.E.A.R.

Don't P.A.N.I.C! Hot new details on the horror-shooter that'll scare your Xbox 360's underpants off.

Survival often depends on your choice of weapons and how you use them in tactical situations. It's possible to carry two heavy weapons and one pistol at a time. "Our weapons still do things that haven't been seen in games, even since F.E.A.R. came out on PC a year ago," explains Choi. "The biggest of these effects is due to our matter particles - we have an enormous amount of them. When you shoot someone, debris and matter goes flying everywhere!"

Another impressive feature is the way hit reactions work. When you shoot someone in the shoulder, they'll react in a specific way. Combine all this with a range of dominating, meaty sound effects and the weapons on offer feel really heavy duty...

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PS360PCROCKS5907d ago

This is such an awesome game, hell yeah for this coming to consoles

ZaaJai5907d ago

sure hope they fix the controls. They were way to sesitive and made the experience unpleasent. It was awesome during taking on enemies, but again, the controls hampered the experience.