Presspauseradio.com's Quarter Circle Forward Review: Kentucky Route Zero: Act 1

"After watching the initial trailer for Kentucky Route Zero back in its infancy, I thought that the overall design was interesting, and according to its Kickstarter page would be “a magic realist adventure game”. Fast forward almost two years later and what Kentucky Route Zero has become is something far more than what I could have imagined. A meaningful presentation that keeps the narrative in the forefront, and a game that plays out like an eerie adult pop-up book. Interactive narrative may seem like a buzz word seen too often in the games industry in the last few years, but trust me when I say that Jake Elliott and Tamas Kemenczy of Cardboard Computer are doing exactly that. The result of which is some of the finest storytelling in gaming so far."


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Left Behind Game Club Ep.087: Kentucky Route Zero (Act 1)

We transport antiques through the Kentucky back-country in Kentucky Route Zero, Act 1. Jacob, Mike and special guest Adam meet a very old dog, explore some very spooky locations and buckle up for the strange and the mundane.

The Left Behind Game Club is a monthly game club podcast with a focus on positivity & community.

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The Symbols, Meanings And Themes Of Kentucky Route Zero (So Far)

Gamemoir delves into some of the main themes of the wondrous Kentucky Route Zero (well, up until Act III!)

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Imp0ssibl32968d ago

This game is so underrated!

kraenk122968d ago (Edited 2968d ago )

Love this game and its Lynch like atmosphere and minimalist graphics style.

thebossofnghviews2968d ago

Yeah it is. Fan-base is pretty great too. Always interested in new interpretations (which is where I pulled a lot of the material).


Cardboard Computer Provides Minor Relief to Kentucky Route Zero Fans

NoobFeed reports - Fans of the 2013 indie game have been waiting quite patiently for details surrounding Act III of the adventure game. With the initial act releasing nearly a year ago and act II releasing last spring, impatience is to be expected. This week Cardboard Computer released a progress update with all hopes and dreams of a release date quickly being squashed.

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