Patcher: EA Wants Take-Two For Sports, GTA4 Is "Gravy"

Kotaku reports::

"We've already heard EA's story recounting why they're interested in acquiring Take-Two, but analyst Michael Pachter gives the real scoop. And unlike many have claimed, Take-Two's appeal has very little to do with GTAIV, which he calls "gravy." It's all about the sports."

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lodossrage3886d ago

They don't want them for sports for the simple fact that if they do acquire them, the 2k line of sports will be eliminated.

They WANT the gta franchise first and foremost

GunShotEddy3886d ago

I see so much linear thinking on this site. GTA IV is a prize, but not the main one. You have to understand that if EA got Take-Two, they'd acquire all licenses held. That means they would have the ONLY MLB, NFL, AFL, and all college sports games. Trust me. Having all sports monopolized is bigger than the GTA series.

Pacther is getting credit as an analysts for stating the so very obvious. Amazingly, the readers on this site still seem to question. Not only shouldn't Pacther get any recognition for stating the obvious, but it's just so sad that you people don't even see how obvious it is.

lodossrage3886d ago (Edited 3886d ago )

Ok, now I find it hard to take your comment seriously. You obviously misunderstood what I said.

But for the record, I understand what you're saying. And yeah I was well aware of the monopoly scenario before I wrote my comment.

ravinash3885d ago

Both of you have good points.
Its the sports licences thats been EAs bread and butter for a while now and where it gets a lot of its money for buying up all the companies its been getting lately.
So in order to get the full set, its now brought out the competition.
As for GTA being the gravy...lets just say they are swimming in gravy.

Lucas223886d ago (Edited 3886d ago )

It's not just adding the money the 2K franchises would make to EA's coffers - it's also essentially not having to pay for exclusive licenses anymore unless a new serious competitor shows up

I hope sony bids for take two

Silver3603886d ago

with Rockstar to get the GTA francise. Rockstar is only under contract to Take Two not owned. And if Take Two is sold they can be free.

GunShotEddy3886d ago

Thank you. There is actually someone on n4g with a brain. This article is a HUGE "DUH!". How is this news? Shouldn't this be common sense?

xplosneer3886d ago

They don't have all the sports game, Sony still has XMB The Show and NBA. Unfortunately they don't have others.

RecSpec3886d ago

Don't forget the "excellent" Go Sports series. (sarcasm obviously)


A flippin kite ,they are so scared other companies might make better sports games than them ....

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