Will Ninja Theory Finally Get Some Love For Making A Great Game?

So they've put out yet another super entertaining game...but will they finally be rewarded for their efforts? Ninja Theory deserves respect NOW, right?

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prototypeknuckles2562d ago

i dont think they deserve it, they have made 4 games, all oh whish are good except for kung fu chaos, but they arent all that, there are companies that have been making great games for years and still have yet to get the true recognition and respect they deserve, for example ubisoft, they have always made great games, but they just started getting talked about once AC2 came out, same can be said for suckerpunch which they still havnt gotten to that status, and theyve made really good games, heck naughty dog just started getting placed in top 10 developer list after UC2 came out and theyve made amazing games even before that.

Godmars2902562d ago

So its getting 9s in reviews, more like 8s on average, yet the author only talks up the 9s while admitting that the boss fights are flawed?

The gaming community as a whole isn't going to recover from this one is it?

ZombieNinjaPanda2562d ago

No, because they took an existing franchise and tried to change it into something else. If it wasn't a franchise already, people's reactions would be MUCH different.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI2562d ago

You know what...? Screw this. They did their job. Whether we like it or not. It's business. If this is their lucky break then good for them. Time to move on people. Instead of bitching, put your money where your mouth is. Buy it or don't.

profgerbik2562d ago

Well said real tired of the bitching.

Belking2562d ago

I like NT. I hope the game does well. It really deserves it. They didn't get a lot of credit for Enslaved but I enjoyed that game and it has a great story.

stuntman_mike2562d ago

I loved heavenly sword and enslaved. yeah they may bitch and moan about some things, but what game company doesn't nowadays.
I'm looking forward to playing the new DMC, and if people give it a chance they might like it too.

Hicken2561d ago

Most game companies don't. Never heard ATLUS complain about... anything. Never heard Sony Santa Monica complain. LOTS of the biggest names out there don't complain.

It's not about liking it or not. It's about everything surrounding the production of this game.

Why is it everybody wants to forget about that?

stuntman_mike2561d ago


totally disagree if it's not about liking the games you play then why are you playing them, just to moan??

it would be a different story if the game looked and played like a pile of crap which it doesn't, and no game company is perfect. NT was asked to make a new DMC and this is what they have made and the original DMC team approved.

if you don't like the game fair enough but what surrounded the game wasn't all that bad, they made a game some people didn't like the change if people feel that strongly vote with your wallet and they will never make a DMC again.

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