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"Read anything on SuperBot Entertainment's PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale and you are certain to see the words "Super Smash Bros." pop up somewhere within the sea of words. For a brand that has lasted almost two decades now, it is about time that PlayStation got its own all-stars game. While the similarities to Nintendo's Super Smash Bros. are indeed prevalent, PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale certainly does enough to distinguish itself from the series whose shadow it has stood in since its announcement."

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Thirty3Three2563d ago

Ah! The PlayStation All-Stars review, as it was meant to be! :)


EddieNX 2563d ago

Yep! If playstation all stars is meant to be a 9/10 then SSBB is an 18/10. LoL .

Phil322563d ago

I gave that an 9.75 back when it launched.

Y_51502563d ago

Be quiet. It's really difficult for me to not compare the two games but it's like how people compare Call of Duty to Battlefield. Two different games, same concept. Both games are fantastic to me loving All Stars right now and had many many memories with Smash Bros. But saying Smash Bros completely destroys All Stars is not right at all.

Army_of_Darkness2563d ago

I don't really like either title cause I'm still more of the mortal kombat/ street fighter type of player.

Kos-Mos2563d ago

Hahahahehehehhaha. Not a small laughter, not a really big one. Just a middle one.

Bladesfist2563d ago

7.5/10 is what I would give this title. It is not as perfect as that score would suggest. However I do enjoy it even though I am not a big fan of the playstation brand which must mean something.

Hicken2563d ago

So if a 9/10 means a game is perfect, what does a 10/10 mean?

TheGrimOfDeath2563d ago

I imagine the guy will say, "Too Perfect".

Bladesfist2563d ago

I said as perfect, 10/10 does not even mean perfect...

abzdine2563d ago (Edited 2563d ago )

for those who play it on Vita, how in hell is it possible to invite a friend from my list for a game online? And how can i mute my own mic?

tack1292563d ago

For friend invites:
Go to either the tournament or versus modes. Tap the black bar at the top where it has a red rectangle on it. Select "Invite Friends" and pick whichever person you want to play with.

To disable your own mic:
When you have entered the game, hold down the PS Button until a menu pops up. Tick "Disable Mic".

Hope it helps.

abzdine2563d ago

Thanks man, but where did you get all this info from?
On PS3 it's much easier