If Game Studios Made Movies

Well, it’s been a weird couple of years for the entertainment industry, hasn’t it? After the video game industry collapsed in 2018 due to the astronomical development costs and Atari’s failed ET reboot, the few companies that weren’t driven immediately bankrupt decided to turn their attentions to film. Were they a success? Well, lets look back at some of my reviews of these films.

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Next Battlefield Campaign's Game Director Leaves EA

Marcus Lehto, the game director at Ridgeline Games, has left EA. Seattle-based Ridgeline Games are in charge of developing the narrative single-player FPS.

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anast1d 10h ago (Edited 1d 10h ago )

I get it, it's tough to fit Cardi-B in your WWII campaign.

Skuletor1d 5h ago

When's the last time Battlefield had a notable campaign? Battlefield 3 maybe.

oIMyersIo1d 5h ago (Edited 1d 5h ago )

Off to a great start, I see.

Sadly, the Bafflefield that I loved has died long ago.

banger881d 1h ago

After the last two woke-as-shit campaigns, just don't even bother making a campaign anymore.

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Judge Delays Ruling on FTC's Attempt to Exclude Evidence in Microsoft's Favor in Activision Case

The legal battle for the acquisition of Activision Blizzard continues, with Microsoft countering one of the FTC's latest moves and the Judge delaying a relevant ruling.

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thesoftware73010d ago

Look, to be honest the FTC should just stop.

MS has A/B and nothing has really changed yet...if you are worried about 5-10 years from now...just drop it cause the future is unpredictable.

Take this week's news, that 4 Xbox exclusive are going Multiplatform.


Blizzard Reportedly Planning Over 100 Layoffs At Cork Office - Insider Gaming

New local reports reveal that Blizzard is planning major layoffs at its office based in Cork, Ireland, affecting 136 jobs.

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Vengeance113811d ago

More victims of the Microsoft Murder Machine

mastershredder11d ago (Edited 11d ago )

And? That's part of it. "insider" gaming getting there news from the outside.

Juancho5110d ago

Those that were cheering the acquisitions have no idea what they were cheering for. Dumb console war nonsense. They disturbed the entire industry, and they will continue to do what they’re doing to beef up quarterly profits and continue to pretend they did a good thing.

ironmonkey10d ago

Lol their restructuring is what a fanny boy would say.