Can We Play PS3/X360 Games Next Gen?

There must be other people wondering if we can play our PS3 and Xbox 360 games on the next gen consoles, right? Theo hopes we are able to, he says it would be a big slap in the face if we bought a game about a month or 2 before the next gen consoles come out. Would people then have to switch between their next gen and last gen consoles?

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Belking2557d ago (Edited 2557d ago )

Next gen xbox....99% possibility

PS4....From rumors we are hearing they will have to be streamed using Gaikai.

So i guess the answer is yes.

Crazyglues2557d ago (Edited 2557d ago )

Actually I think it's safe to say yes Sony will be using Gaikai to stream PS3 games..

It seems to be the most logical use of the service.. since Sony bought it and has not made an announcement of their plans..

Which would lead you to believe they are holding off until they can talk about PS4 -when it will all make sense as to exactly why they bought that company-


LOGICWINS2557d ago

Yeah, but the fact that Sony will be using Gaikai to stream PS3 games doesn't automatically mean the PS4 won't be able to play disc based PS3 games.

Say you have the disc version Killzone 2 and its revealed that Gaikai will allow you to play Killzone 2 via cloud on your smartphone, Vita, laptop, tablet, and PS4 IF you have a digital version of the game.

In this scenario, the fact that people already have disc versions of these games won't stop them from rebuying them digitally because some may want to take advantage of playing the game on different platforms.

Sony can have their cake and eat it too.

Cueil2557d ago

If I was sony I'd so a disc exchange program... you hand in your disc at walmart or target or wherever and they give you a code that allows you access to the streaming version... that is unless they charge you for the service... make it part of PSN+

jimbobwahey2557d ago

Given how many great games are releasing this year, it would be a tragedy to launch the PlayStation 4 without some form of backwards compatibility.

If price was an issue, I would be willing to pay extra money for a premium edition of the console that has backwards compatibility built-in, otherwise I would likely hold off on buying one. Besides, I'd hate having to keep an extra console under my TV for the odd occasion that I wanted to play Twisted Metal, Wipeout HD, The Last of Us, MGS4, God of War 3, MGS4 etc.

Saigon2557d ago

I wouldn't do a disk exchange program, though that may work. I think the best thing for them to do is to either apply BC or allow the Next PlayStation to be able to read that a PS3 disk was entered into the system and take you directly to the store to download the digital copy. I can't say what would be the best solution but I did like my second option.

sikbeta2557d ago


lol Nope... Gaikai wouldn't work with this gen games, PS2 max :P


X8X3 = YES! X720 (AMD) <-> X360 (AMD) = OK!

PS4 = Nope! PS4 (AMD: CPU+GPU) <-/-> PS3 (IBM/Nvidia) = IBM-CELL + Nvidia-RSX = too expensive for just backward-compatibility

guitarded772557d ago


If Sony moves away from the cell, they could still have you insert a PS3 disc into a PS4 for verification of ownership and then stream the game using Gaikai. I would be okay with that if Gaikai runs well.

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SKUD2557d ago

X360 BC Support with the original xbox library was horrible. Except for Halo games. I don't expect anything from MS in that regard moving forward.

Belking2557d ago (Edited 2557d ago )

There must have been something wrong with your xbox360 then because mine was good and I expect even better BC now that MS owns the technology.
At least they didn't give it to us then take it away.
Stop being a troll.

And for all you fanboys disagreeing with my first post, you got any other ideas of how they will offer BC? I don't think so. You just disagree because you always think people are trying to put sony in a negative light.

sikbeta2557d ago

X360 BC was horrible because the GPU was made by Nvidia and they screwed MS by keeping the design of the chip and the price high

This is the exact same problem Sony will face with PS3-BC on the PS4 because AMD will provide the APU/CPU+GPU and IBM + Nvidia got nothing to do with it, the only way to get PS3-BC on the PS4 is by adding the original/current chips on the PS4 mobo, making everything more expensive, just like what happened with PS2-BC on the FAT PS3s

AznGaara2557d ago

I much rather just slide my ps3 disc in my ps4 and play. I dreaded the day my Launch Ps3 died because I had a machine that played both my Ps1 and Ps2 discs. I truly hope Sony does what they did with the Ps3 and just launch a hardware-based backwards compatible Ps4 SKU even for a limited time.

Saigon2557d ago

I had the same problem; Mine died around august of last year and I was pissed because of that fact. My Phatty lasted several years though...came a long way.

morkendo232557d ago

why are we getting the same REHASHED stories with add-on article title??? similar article was posted 4 days ago and here it is back rehash asking same question with slightly new title.

TWEEK a title= new article
refurbish article= more hits.

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KangarooSam2557d ago

Way too much speculation going on, it's getting boring. How about we all just sit back and wait for the announcements?

Chaostar2557d ago

No all 360's and PS3 are rigged to explode on release of their respective successors ¬_¬

Seriously though, if you want to play current gen games come next gen then just don't sell your current gen system.

hoju692557d ago

I'm gonna say no. Sony and Microsoft are making too much money off selling classic games online as well as the HD remakes that have been coming around. Just resize the textures and sell it as a new game. Brilliant! But seriously, Sony learned the hard way that ensuring 100% backwards compatibility is more work/effort/money than it's worth. The first big price break for the PS3 came after they switched to software emulation and that was only partially successful. Whereas Microsoft never put much emphasis into BC and did just fine in the market. If they can keep the console prices cheaper and make more money selling the games you already bought back to you as a download, then that is what (I strongly believe) they are going to do.

Persistantthug2557d ago (Edited 2557d ago )

Sony HAS to make the games you bought over the PSN compatible next gen or they will effectively be the laughing stock of the entertainment industry.

You see, VALVE makes their stuff compatible across generations.......Apple makes their stuff compatible. Allegedly, so will Microsoft, and as sloppy as Nintendo has been, even they are compatible across generations.
Sony BETTER not be the lone fool that can't figure it out how to make their PSN/SEN wares work across generations, or else.

I believe that Sony bought GAIKAI, for at least partially this reason.
I'm confident, that under the circumstances, Sony will figure it out.

Cueil2557d ago

no... that's just not the same... they certainly can do some emulation for the PSN games that are not full games, but NVidia will likely want some kind of cut...

Persistantthug2557d ago (Edited 2557d ago )

1. You need a Cell processor to emulate games like JOURNEY.
There is no current CPU available that can do what the Cell processor can do, which is processes single precision flops.

2. You don't need an Nvidia GPU to emualate. GPU's across different brands are already I'm not sure what you mean.

3. Sony owns the RSX ip.

Hozi2557d ago

In a couple of years when ps3 and 360 are dirt cheap, as well as their games....I'll buy it all!!!! and not have to worry if my next gen console can play...although I agree that it should be backward compatible.

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