GamesBeat: Earth Defense Force 2017 Portable brings B-movie fun to the Vita (review)

GamesBeat Mike Minotti: I almost don’t want to like Earth Defense Force 2017 Portable. It offers nothing outside of mindless shooting and gun-looting. But that’s also why I admire it. It’s a throwback to an era when technology limited storytelling and games were simpler. EDF 2017 is not a deep experience, but it’s a very pure one.

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wita2565d ago

I want to play this. Get cheaper, Vita!

darkronin2292565d ago

Seems to be right in line with the previous EDF games. Maybe I'll pick it up in a sale.

deantak2565d ago

We need more B movies.

midnightambler2564d ago

I'm all for B-movie games. Still waiting on an "It Came From the Desert" remake. *Dreams*