Video Interview: Gran Turismo 5 - Takau Imasaki

Producer of the PS3 driving simulator lets Gametrailers sit shotgun into the series' future.

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Hydrollex3891d ago

This GAME IS AWESOME ! and I'll buy this game.

sonarus3891d ago

did anyone notice where he says something about car damage. Its glad to know car damage is in the works i cnt wait to see it as i know it wnt come out unless its more realistic than forza's

LSDARBY3891d ago

Ive got this pre-ordered. Cant wait, and im getting a DS3 on friday. :D

i_like_ff73891d ago

Look at the bags under his eyes. Those polyphony guys work there ass off. Props and a thank you to them.

jay23891d ago

OMG, 2 games I want (Oddly enogh GT5 and GTA4) on the same day, thank god I didn't Import this, the US versions got 60 cars conpaird with 35 in the Jap version and more track/s. very nice.

eyeDEVOUR3890d ago

that in order to get gt5 prologue you have to have it preordered...well at least that what gamestop was saying...