Microsoft answers your XNA questions

Chris Satchell is Microsoft's most passionate evangelist of user-generated content, arguing that it is vital to the future of video games.

Mr Satchell believes all games developers need to recognise that players now want to express their creativity rather than just passively play through fixed, linear products.

As General Manager of Microsoft's Game Developer Group, Mr Satchell spearheaded the launch of the "XNA" tools for hobbyists to create games for the Xbox 360 console, games that now eventually can find their way onto the Xbox Live Marketplace for the world to enjoy following last week's announcement at the Games Developers Conference.

Today (February 25) Screen Play is giving readers the chance to ask Chris Satchell any questions about the service.

Notes: Just leave your questions as comments at Screen Play, and Jason Hill will go through and select the questions.

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Silellak3978d ago

Nice! I am still way more excited about this service than I am about Gears of War 2, heh.