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TheGamingExperience says: "Capcom took a risk with their new IP Dragons Dogma and it turns out that risk was worth it."

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Chidori2557d ago

I love Monster Hunter. Been thinking about getting this. Should I?

SamPao2557d ago

Everytime I hear of this game I just want to buy it

Only heard good things about it. and the Demo was awesome!

But I have too much to play right now and this game is massive


NovusTerminus2557d ago

As a huge MH fan, I can say go for it. But it doesn't play much like MH. Much faster and allot more RPG like, more based on stats rather then building weapons.

I have a little over 100 hours into the game, and on my 4th run through the game. Very fun game!

ThanatosDMC2557d ago (Edited 2557d ago )

Great game. Well worth it. It's actually better than Monster Hunter, but you got to get used to the different crafting mechanics and the retarded AI. Never fight a monster close to a cliff or your teammates will go for a swim and get eaten by invisible fishies.

If they re-release the game with multiplayer, i'd immediately buy two copies.

8bitHero2557d ago

i really like the game but for me & my brother both the first few hours of the game are extremely... challenging. i died so many times in the first few hours, and not being able to dodge/block until your vocation was higher was extremely annoying, but once you get passed the first few hours and get some actual equipment(beginning gear is complete shit) the game is very enjoyable. i still havent beaten it myself(its the current game im playing) but yes, great new IP.