Microsoft May Opt Against Blu-ray Movie Playback With Xbox Next

Boston (TheNextXbox) – The successor to the Xbox 360 is right around the corner, as the Major Nelson countdown has the entire gaming world on alert. One thing that is almost a given with the successor to the Xbox 360, for the sake of this article we will call it the Xbox Next, is that it will include a Blu-ray optical drive. This is due to the fact that next-generation games are going to require a lot more space than is currently available on a DVD. This type of optical format has been utilized by Sony throughout the life of the PlayStation 3 and will continue forward to the upcoming PlayStation 4 in all likelihood as well. What many gamers are missing though, is that there is a real chance that Microsoft may opt against allowing Blu-ray movie playback on the Xbox Next.

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Anon19742197d ago

As the article noted, perhaps they'll build it in but charge you extra to use the feature like how they pointed out the original XBox had a DVD player, but wouldn't allow you to play DVD movies unless you shelled out for remote.

It wouldn't be the first time, or the last time, we've seen Microsoft charge you extra to access something you've already purchased (much like the extra fees to play multiplayer content developers included on the game you purchased). They'll keep doing it until there's enough push back from consumers. You really can't blame them if people are willing to pay.

darthv722197d ago (Edited 2197d ago )

the idea is a more digital age then the physical playback of blurays isnt in their best interest. The biggest outcry has been they need a format with sufficient capacity. HDDVD could be adapted for games and it is still a format that can be manufactured.

If it can upscale dvd's then most people will be happy. not to mention the cost of stand alone blu players is much cheaper in the short amount of time its been on the market as compared to when DVD and players were at the same amount of time.

MS wants to promote xbox movies for downloading and streaming and the games just need a bigger capacity disc. Does it have to use a "standard" for games or can they use whatever is larger and more cost effective to them?

Back in the days of cartridges, all carts were of different physical shapes and sizes but it didnt matter to the company so long as it was a format the developers could put their games on. Games have gotten bigger so the same rule can apply. If the idea is a higher capacity format for games then they can use whatever they want to satisfy the developers. Even at the loss of movie playback from a retail bluray.

I may have a ps3 but i dont watch movies on it. I use an LG bluray player because i believe in a dedicated player for a dedicated role.

MikeMyers2197d ago

What does the Wii U use?

I could see Microsoft not supporting bluray and perhaps doing something different. They may see it as a weakness to now support bluray since they sided with HD DVD and never did offer a a bluray player attachment.

PC games still don't use bluray. Microsoft's biggest mistake was not having a hard drive in every system, it wasn't because they didn't support bluray.

Oh_Yeah2197d ago (Edited 2197d ago )

Why not get one thing that can do everything in one? = less things you have to buy and less clutter. Saves time and money. Honestly I'm done with all consoles except playstation where I know the exclusives will be. It's time to get a gaming rig for multiplats, media, and everything else.

badz1492197d ago

"PC games still don't use bluray."

seriously dude, still with THAT argument about pc games not using bluray? consoles and pc, they are just not the same!

come back here again with that argument when pc games could be played without installing and streamed off disc like the consoles! that's like...NEVER!

kneon2197d ago

The Wii uses a bluray drive, it's just that like the Wii they haven't shelled out the royalties required for movie playback.

Microsoft may go the same route, but if they really want to pitch the as the heart of your home entertainment system then leaving out bluray playback would be silly.

memots2197d ago

Ahhh yes digital. I can see it. Download 50gig for MGS5 .. yes

MikeMyers2197d ago


So bluray on the PS3 meant you didn't have to install games? Interesting. Funny how you can buy full PS3 games off of the store like Infamous just like you can from other places like Steam with no need for any physical disc. You're right, bluray is definitely needed.

SilentNegotiator2196d ago

"PC games still don't use bluray"

uuuuhhhh, except 90% of them are using digital only, which is a different matter all together.

hellvaguy2196d ago (Edited 2196d ago )

" they sided with HD DVD "

Actually MS didn't side with HDdvd, which is why it isn't the standard on 360's. MS wanted to sit back and see who won the format wars for next gen. It was a format war much like Betamax vs VHS. Although HDdvd is a much faster and better format for gaming, Blu-ray won out because of all the movie support and much larger storage.

Downside to Blu-ray players is that they have to spin at much higher rate than dvd players, which is why you see a fair number of ps3 blue-ray player going ka-put. Im a huge fan of blue-ray for movies, but for gaming, idk it has its pros and cons. But one thing is for certain with dvd, cannot be used in any next gen system because of the low storage capacity.

mmj2196d ago (Edited 2196d ago )

Microsoft did side with HD-DVD they just had no confidence in the format, if they had shipped 360 with a built in HD-DVD drive it may well have faired better against Bluray.

Even if it had still failed Xbox 360 would have still benefitted from the larger storage medium, the only reason Microsoft didn't integrate a HD-DVD drive was for cost reasons, Sony no doubt made a loss early on by integrating Bluray but Microsoft's only concern is profit and a cheap DVD drive suited them better.

gaffyh2196d ago

If they don't allow Blu-Ray movie playback, it is the dumbest decision they have ever made. Because there are bound to be people who look at it and think, I may as well buy a Xbox 720 instead of a Blu-Ray player. If it doesn't have that feature then that won't happen.

joeorc2196d ago (Edited 2196d ago )

"According to Anandtech, the Wii U's optical drive is "very Blu-ray like." The site found in its teardown that the drive allows for 25GB of capacity per disc -- the same as Blu-ray. However, the site was quick to point out that the Wii U does not actually come with a Blu-ray drive."

Once again i do not know where this info keep's coming from, but the optical drive in the WiiU is not a Blu-Ray optical drive!


"Downside to Blu-ray players is that they have to spin at much higher rate than dvd players, which is why you see a fair number of ps3 blue-ray player going ka-put."


The Blu-Ray drive does not have to spin at a much higher rate than DVD player's no you have that backwards. Most DVD and CD optical DRIVE ARE "CAV" while Blu-Ray drive's such as the one in the PS3 are "CLV" optical drives.

They do not have to spin faster than DVD because the Bit Rate is over 5x that of DVD,per 1x!

darthv722196d ago

is bluray by association. It uses a blue laser optical drive but one that is not set to the same wavelength as that which is used by the bluray discs.

Even HDDVD used a blue laser but its wavelength was different which is why the two formats had different sizes per layer. some companies were able to make a dynamic laser that could read both so there is potential that the laser could be refined even more to add more capacity per layer.

doing that could make the laser not read the movie discs because those are built on the standard principle of a fixed wavelength. It was more cost effective to have a fixed wavelength laser diode as opposed to one that could change dynamically. That was several years ago so it may be easier to do now.

the misconception is that anything using a blue laser is being lumped into the term of "bluray" which is wrong.

morganfell2196d ago

Microsoft did back HD DVD.

It was only after HD DVD fell that MS suddenly claimed they didn't have a position in the matter and felt digital downloads were the future.

kneon2196d ago


Wavelength has nothing to do with the differences between HD-DVD and bluray, they both use 405nm lasers, as does the Wii U.

Why would Nintendo go and design and build a custom disk drive from scratch at several times the cost of an off the shelf drive. By using standard bluray components they benefit from all the economies of scale on the hardware as well as on media reproduction.

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DA_SHREDDER2197d ago

Just buy a ps3 or ps4 so you don't have to worry about it.

palaeomerus2197d ago

Or a cheap bluray player.

WitWolfy2196d ago


funny enough back in 2007 the cheapest BR player was the PS3 :P But that was probably just a scam from Sony to force consumers to buy a PS3 to begin with to get the units of the shelves

nukeitall2197d ago

I never used or needed the DVD feature on the original Xbox, nor did I ever use the DVD movie playback on Xbox 360.

In fact, I barely use the blu-ray drive to view movies on my PS3. I just stream my content, and that's probably why Wii U doesn't bother with blu-ray either.

At this point, I think blu-ray is a waste of money to pay extra for the licensing fee, so get rid of it and make the next Xbox cheaper.

FFXI1012197d ago (Edited 2197d ago )

"I never used or needed the DVD feature on the original Xbox, nor did I ever use the DVD movie playback on Xbox 360. "

Just because you don't use it doesn't mean others won't use it.

"In fact, I barely use the blu-ray drive to view movies on my PS3. I just stream my content, and that's probably why Wii U doesn't bother with blu-ray either"

There's nothing wrong stream movie, tv shows. But some people like to have their own collections. I collect movies, tv shows, animes in blu-ray. Besides if something were happen to your system and you don't have the warranty to cover it, MS, Sony may or may not let you re-download the contents.

"At this point, I think blu-ray is a waste of money to pay extra for the licensing fee, so get rid of it and make the next Xbox cheaper."

I disagree, then again, it is up to MS to decide whether or not to add blu-ray drive, not you or me.

cleverusername2197d ago

You're in the minority then!

News4Noobs-2197d ago (Edited 2197d ago )

"At this point, I think blu-ray is a waste of money to pay extra for the licensing fee, so get rid of it and make the next Xbox cheaper."

It is also a WASTE of time having 3 Discs for just one game, changing it every time you want to play different sections of that game.

Run_bare2196d ago

to nuketail... moron. not everyone live in the first or second world country... even Australia nbn is not going to be completed until 2020

ChrisW2196d ago

I have a collection of DVDs about 40 or so. I have watched about 5 or so more than once... And the last time I watched one of them was about 2 or 3 years ago. Because of this, I have looked at my DVD collection numerous times recently wondering why I haven't put them up in storage or dropped them off at Salvation Army or Goodwill.

nukeitall2196d ago


If you don't live in a first or second world country, the newest consoles aren't the target market for you. It's as simple as that.

I'm not saying people aren't using it, I'm saying for a lot of people, me included and apparently ChrisW above, never really cared about blu-ray. We get our content streaming and don't want to pay extra. If we wanted it, we will just buy a dedicatd player for $60 and won't risk wearing out the mechanical part that is most likely to wear out or fail first. Optical drive is the part that usually goes out.

Nintendo didn't see a need for it, and neither do I especially when there are streaming options.

I think blu-ray on next gen console is a waste of money. Just stick with another lower-cost licensed high storage disc format.


Did I say NO high capacity disc format?

My point is, I don't want to pay a license to Blu-Ray association when there are cheaper alternatives that gives you 50-100GB of storage on one disc.


"But some people like to have their own collections. I collect movies, tv shows, animes in blu-ray."

I collect too, mostly games these days. However, there are dedicated blu-ray players. You can cheaply buy those. Why would you risk wearing out your console that you paid hundreds of dollars for, when a stand alone blu-ray player cost $60?

"Besides if something were happen to your system and you don't have the warranty to cover it, MS, Sony may or may not let you re-download the contents."

I'm seeing some misunderstanding. I'm NOT saying a download only console, but rather let's use another high capacity disc format like Wii U. I would rather see MS put that money into making the console more powerful than a tax that doesn't really benefit the users that much.

AtomicGerbil2196d ago


Sorry to disappoint but the Wii U uses a Blu-ray optical drive.

ElectricKaibutsu2196d ago (Edited 2196d ago )

I had no idea the people on this site were so into Blu-Ray movies. I had a huge DVD collection but when Blu-Ray came out I just said eff that. I'm not buying all my movies again. I switched to streaming and never looked back. Though I admit on rare occasions I've rented Blu-Rays if I couldn't get something streaming.

Nukeitall makes sense. The optical drive is the part that tends to fail first on consoles. It's why I never played DVDs on my launch PS2, which still works great. The rights to play Blu-Ray movies costs money. If the next Xbox left it out or made it optional, it would save people like me money. But of course then people like you (yes you, person reading this) who would actually use their gaming console to watch Blu-Rays would have to pay more. One of us is getting screwed, and honestly I'm betting it's me and Nukeitall.

darthv722196d ago

the wii-u uses a blue laser optical drive. Society has associated it to "bluray" because it uses a laser. you know what else used a blue laser??? HD-DVD.

The fact that the laser is blue does not make it "bluray". certain factors have to be taken into consideration with the main one being the wavelength the laser is using. The early days of HDDVD and blu had companies that were able to support both with the same laser by having the laser dynamically change wavelength depending on the disc inserted.

The disc capacity is also dynamic. some companies do not use the full capacity of the discs for movies and games. MS can use a green laser disc format or the much improved red laser format that supports 100gb of space.

Whatever they choose is on them. I have my dedicated movie machines. im more interested in the games these new units will deliver. As I said before, the biggest outcry from developers was storage capacity. DVD is still used and can accommodate the same capacity of game as a bluray but obviously the game would span multiple discs.

That is based on the principle of a game being 45gb worth of data. It can either be on 5 9gb discs or 1 45gb disc but the data size remains the same. Obviously the convenience is a single disc just like having a 650mb cd instead of 650 1mb floppy disks. (yeah i know they were 1.44mb).

The bottom line is about cost. They will use something cost effective while at the same time be sufficient for developers to put their games on. Movie playback...yeah MS is going to push xbox movies for that. Or more partnerships with streaming services.

Lvl_up_gamer2196d ago

@ Nukeitall

I have been saying the same thing year on year. I completley agree with you.

However there is just 1 counter argument that unfortunatly I have had to agree with. Why add an additional piece of equipment to your already crowded TV stand (Cable box, PS4, 720, etc) if you can have a single device that does everything? I collect blu-rays and I agree with your arguemtn about burning out your console faster....but I would rather have a system that does everyting I need it to do then multiple equipemnt already attached to my tv using up all my available usb ports?

My argument also goes as far as Sony and their lack of BC for the PS3. Everyone just says well keep your PS2 connected....well I don't want too because I don't have an unlimited amout of room on my tv stand and connectors in the back.

1 system to rule them all kind of thing.

rainslacker2196d ago (Edited 2196d ago )

By that same logic you wouldn't need streaming to be on next consoles either. Nowadays, with smart TV's and standalone blu-ray players having more streaming capabilities than consoles, why not just buy one of those to get that feature. Then you wouldn't be wearing out the integrated circuits or fans of your console to do what you do.

The truth is, it's a nice feature to have. Is any of it really necessary? Of course not. All of this stuff is luxury consumerism. That doesn't mean that if we are able to afford it that we should just say "no big deal, there are other options". It comes down to overall value of the system.

The reason HDDVD or BR weren't in the original 360 were because of the price of the laser diodes at the time of the 360's release. The laser assembly on the PS3 was one of the most expensive parts in the system at the time, and was even more expensive when the 360 released. Nowadays, the licensing costs of BR is cheap enough for them to include it. You can easily find standalone players for $60, so what makes you think it would add that much to the 720. It would be nice for consumers to have that extra feature, as integration is becoming more important to the living room with all the different methods of content delivery. This is even more true if MS intends to become the center of everyone's living room.

The nice thing about my phat PS3 is that I can have it all in one system. Full BC, Blu-Ray, Unscaled DVD, and Streaming, all in one convenient place, all with one convenient input.

Run_bare2195d ago

To nukeitall

You either really dumb or not understand simple economics. Do you really think MS or SONY will leave the rest of market (Countries) which still rely on Media?

MS and Sony try very hard to get to the Chinese and Asian market.. why don't you tell them that Media is overrated and see how they react. Not all of us live in the first world country of USA.

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FlyingFoxy2197d ago

I love windows but MS screw people over with XBL, i mean paying to play online? seriously? it's a big slap in the face when us PC gamers have awesome free services like Steam.

JANF2197d ago

What does XBL has to do with this article. Just wondering...

WeAreLegion2197d ago

I feel like you're just trying to get a rise out of him...

WitWolfy2196d ago

LOL whats the bet.. You'll have to have XBL Gold to use the BR drive for movies ;)


Krew_922196d ago (Edited 2196d ago )

I'm pretty sure Games for Windows Live is free right? I got a couple of Steam games that required Live, and I could connect online to people for free.

So your argument doesn't really make sense, although I do know they tried to charge at first, but failed.

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juandren2197d ago

While I agree with you that Microsoft cannot be blamed for opting to charge users for playback (if that will be the case), I do think it will be a bad decision on their behalf simply because that will be one more thing Sony can one-up them with. I can't imagine it will look too great for Microsoft if Sony can advertise (and brag about) their exclusive games, free online play, similar price point (let's face it the two systems' hardware configurations won't be that much different in the end) AND the only console with Blu-Ray playback - which is just as important to a lot of people who can't afford a console and a Blu-Ray player (read: me)

miyamoto2197d ago

the extra fees to play multiplayer content developers included on the game you purchased). They'll keep doing it until the common gamer is $ucked dry

NeverEnding19892197d ago

Considering all the money SONY has given M$ over the years to use Windows on their laptops, I don't see why M$ wouldn't pay the licensing fee to SONY

KMCROC542197d ago

Don't think the fee goes to Sony directly think the BDA does the breaking down of the fee to everyone involved in the tech.As for movie play back thinks it has to due with contracts with other service that do streaming of BD quality movies. Just going on a hunch here.

hellvaguy2196d ago

Well Sony doesn't just pay MS out of the goodness of their little hearts for windows. They really have no choice. I mean lets face it Linux laptops aren't all the rage and Apple sure isn't letting Sony in on their piece of the pie.

Also, Sony is a minority shareholder in the Blu-ray ownership association:

DeadlyFire2197d ago (Edited 2197d ago )

Microsoft = HVD + Blu-Ray Playback.

Next gen = 100 GB discs.

HVD and Blu-Ray are only 2 formats capable of 100GB. HVD can play Blu-Ray discs. Win/Win for MS if they go that route regardless of if they add Blu-Ray playback to their console.

Just my 2 cents, but seems probable.

steve30x2196d ago

I dont need Blue Ray playback on my console. I already own a Blue Ray player and blue Ray players are affordable now.

kgamer202196d ago

Actually the article didn't suggest MS would want you to pay extra to play BR movies on the Xbox Next. It suggests that Microsoft wouldn't enable the feature at all but rather have you access movies through Xbox Live and subscribed services such as Netflix. :-)

Blackdeath_6632196d ago

" You really can't blame them if people are willing to pay. " good point. in order for them to change, people need to stand up against these anit-consumer practices

Syntax-Error2196d ago

XBL is doomed if they don't start offering more for the $60 yearly subscription. Sony is closing in and offering the same apps as XBL with $50 subscription plus free games and trials. Many XBL members have dropped off bc of this and I don't see them coming back unless MS can give something substantial back to it's members.

RuleofOne343 2196d ago

*$60 yearly subscription* their are other thing that you pay more for on a monthly base but get less in return , but yet your complaint is on a yearly item. Also most sub are not a full 60 dollars you can find them on the net for cheap.

steve30x2196d ago

@witwicky343 : We already pay to use our internet every month so I dont see why we should pay to use it on a console too.

hesido2196d ago

@darkride66: It may not be exactly like charging for things that the user already bought: There may be costs associated with royalties for DVD and Bluray playback, and Microsoft may be transferring the cost to the enduser and only for people who'd like the feature. It somehow makes sense.

ATi_Elite2196d ago (Edited 2196d ago )

Microsoft charging you for Blu-ray and pretty soon charging Gamers for DirectX............and this is why the SteamBox and Microsoft Free PC Gaming is so Popular!

Oh and what's with the big argument up there about PC Games not using Blu-ray?

It's a PC....the game is compressed on the disk and then installed on the HDD/SSD for better performance.

Isn't there a Bunch of Console games you gotta install to the console HDD. I really don't understand the argument up above as a SSD blows the doors off any Disc any day as far as speed and performance.

No moving parts! almost no loading screens, snappy performance, no scratches.

Microsoft just doesn't want to pay Sony for Blu-ray fee and also MS may just want to milk gamers by forcing them to buy all movies online or pay money buying a remote like last time just to watch your already owned movies.

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wishingW3L2197d ago (Edited 2197d ago )

They probably will go the same route as Nintendo. They will create their own format based on Blu-ray but with no playback of movies to not pay royalties.

BanBrother2197d ago

What I was thinking. I think they don't want to add that feature, as it will essentially be them admitting defeat. I hope they just suck it up and do what is right for us gamers. Blu-ray has to be implemented, it is amazing. Movies that were made 30 years ago that are on blu-ray today look just as good if not better than todays movies in standard dvd.

Whether they opt for blu-ray or their own proprietary format is anyones guess. One thing is for sure I DO NOT want to see games spread across multiple disks that don't need to be.

000012197d ago (Edited 2197d ago )

i would hope the Microsoft Company realizes many people have already started adding bluray to their current DVD libraries. that being said, it would be really pointless to have a feature blocking bluray playback when people will still buy bluray movies anyway. i, along with many others have purchased a bluray player. the only thing Microsoft allowing bluray playback does for me, is allow me to choose which room i watch the movie in, either the room with the bluray player or my living room with the future xbox. i certainly do not plan on any device, to build a movie collection by buying digital movies only or really at all, that to me is beyond asinine. sure ill still use netflix and hulu, but that doesnt alter my choices as to if im going to buy a DVD or a bluray movie.

RuleofOne343 2197d ago

*(You stated)I would hope the Microsoft Company realizes many people have already started adding Blu-ray to their current DVD libraries.*

So it's no issue for those with a BD collection already seeing as how they bought a BD player to watch those movies on .

000012197d ago

yes, exactly, but it would be silly for them to think blocking playback would funnel people on xbl to download movies as an alternative to bluray. it would be better if they just allow playback

Hicken2196d ago

You missed the part where he said "the only thing Microsoft allowing bluray playback does for me, is allow me to choose which room i watch the movie in, either the room with the bluray player or my living room with the future xbox."

I like having two PS3s in the house. Not just because it's two gaming systems to use. But also because it's two BluRay players in two different rooms. Or two DVD players. Or two media players, or whatever. It means I can replace the DVD player with a device that does more than just play DVDs.

It was one of the things that made me like my PS2- since I could keep my DVD player in the living room and keep my PS2 in my room. The same was true for the PS3: I like buying electronics, but it's great to have one device to consolidate everything.

Not having BluRay would kinda mean the Nextbox wouldn't be my go-to device.

TheGamerDood2197d ago (Edited 2197d ago )

"Instead, Microsoft required gamers to purchase a little DVD playback adapter that came with a remote control. This activated the ability that the system already had to play DVD movies"

They call that a double tax don't they? anyone could defend MS at all is beyond me. They nickle and dime for just about anything and users are so willing to give up their hard earned money.

"Xbox Live Gold subscriptions generate roughly $1 billion in revenue for Microsoft every year"

And this is the reason why Live will remain a paid for service next generation.

Seraphemz2197d ago

And thats why I would never own a 360, paying for online gaming just doesnt make sense when PSN is free.

I dont get why so many 360 owners take what M$ dishes out...

showtimefolks2197d ago

i think with next xbox it will be different, this time around MS had an open season with gamers for the 1st year. now ps4 launching with next xbox MS will have to change some of its ways.

people not only take what MS dishes out but also praise them and defend them.

nukeitall2197d ago (Edited 2197d ago )

"And thats why I would never own a 360, paying for online gaming just doesnt make sense when PSN is free."

and you probably never will! However, I will try to explain.

It's not just about the price tag, but the community. It's like Google Plus, it might be better in some way, but the community on Facebook is just so much better people keep using it continuing making the community even better.

I gladly pay for XBL, because I like the people I meet, that I talk to with voice and do teamwork with and it is easy to schedule a match with them. To me, time is valuable and texting back forth on the PS3 is cumbersome.

However, jumping in on a party on XBL while playing a different game, when a slot opens the party lets me know and I jump in.

Personally, I'm glad there is a paid premium option as well as a free. Something for everyone.

darthv722197d ago

didnt the original PS2 have a small problem of not being able to play movies at first?

I think you had to buy the remote and it came with a disc or something to copy to the memory card in order to play dvd's.

I know the one that i got had the IR built in for the remote and was ready to play movies right out of the box. though i got mine some time in 2003.

baodeus2197d ago


You should try it out then, and come back to see if you change your mind.

Xbox live vs psn is like American online vs net zero back then. American online dies out but net zero was not sustainable and they stop being free and disappear as well. Could be the same here.

CraigandDayDay2197d ago

The problem is that you're ignoring PS+ revenue that Sony is taking in. I don't think Netzero had a PS+ equivalent.

spicelicka2197d ago

I freakin hate MS, but halo is my most favourite franchise of all time, and gears is right under it. Not exactly my fault for loving 2 of the few exclusives on xbox.

But i don't take shit from them. I have a modded xbox and a regular xbox as well. Call it false justification but i really don't give a shit. I pay for the games that i wanna play online or are really worth it to support the devs, not MS. And i download others.

Axe992197d ago

It's still worth grabbing a 360 for some of their exclusives - the PS3 is my main console by some margin, followed by PC and Vita, but 360's got a number of quality exclusives. Its online community is nothing special though - they're just gamers like everyone else, just with a higher tolerance with getting screwed over to pay $50 a year for cross-game chat. Cross-game chat and parties are excellent, but they're free on PC and Vita (Vita's still isn't quite as good as XBLs, but it's deffo solid), and a bloody rort on XBL.

But there's plenty of quality offline gaming on 360 to be had, and they're cheap as all get out now. The actual online gameplay is only different on 360 for the exclusives - not surprisingly, peer-to-peer games work just as well on XBL as they do on PSN - so unless you have a burning desire to play Gears or Halo online (Halo is a quality arcade shooter and Forza a great racer - I'm just not paying $50 a year to play them online), just grab one for the exclusives and stick it to MS by not buying a gold sub - you'll still get a 1-month trial so you can give it a gander if you buy a new 360.

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GribbleGrunger2197d ago (Edited 2197d ago )

If MS don't offer Blu-ray playback then it could be a mistake. When Sony first released the PS3, they advertised it heavily as a Blu-ray player because they were trying to establish the format. But now it's an established format, so Sony would have a big advantage if they began advertising the PS4 as a Blu-ray player (and it was 4k enabled).

Seraphemz2197d ago (Edited 2197d ago )

i really dont see it as an issue with watching blurays, i think that most people who own the system probably already have a seperate bluray player.

360 owners are used to shelling out money when they dont need to.

What M$ need to do it get a format to fit games on one disk,I really dont see them getting away with multiple disks again...

GribbleGrunger2197d ago

But that's the thing. Sony and Microsoft won't just want the same userbase to buy their product, they'll want to steal a percentage from the other companies userbase. MS did it by releasing a year earlier this time around, but can they afford to count on that again? I'm not so sure.