Loot Ninja Review: Patapon

Patapon is game which is hard to describe. You assume the role of the Mighty Patapon, the god to the Patapon creatures. By banging your drum, you energize them to move, attack, defend, etc. The simplistic gameplay and addictive beats will keep you coming back for more. Here is a breakdown of some of the facets of Patapon for the PSP.

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taz80803889d ago

Pata Pata Pata Pon!!!! Very unique game that plays very well on the PSP, a must play for any PSP owner.

drunkpandas3889d ago

Yeah I wasn't able to put it down for a few days. My game save shows 16 hours of gameplay so far.

AllroundGamer3889d ago

finished the JAP version 2 times and yesterday the EU version once, probably like 40 hours together :) btw. the game is way better when played on a TV, because you need better sound and what's more important, you will better see the blinking borders, which are showing the music beat. I couldn't make a perfect level with constant fever when played on the PSP display, but on the TV it was a whole different story.

drunkpandas3889d ago

Interesting. I haven't tried playing it on my TV yet. I'll have to give it shot later tonight...

PS360WII3889d ago

This really does look cool I'm looking forward to playing it

rawg3889d ago

I haven't tried the demo but based on the reviews and comments it seems like a fun game.

resistance1003889d ago

Got this and GOW:COO coming from america in the near future. My PSP will be used for games (excluded PSN PS1 downloads) again ^_^

Azures3889d ago

Got my save from the demo waiting. 2 blue archers and a bunch of upgraded spear and soldier pon.

Wednesday can't come soon enough! And next week its God of War! PSP users have it good atm.

drunkpandas3889d ago

Wow 2 blue Yumipon from the demo? Did you just redo the hunting level and the tree a ton?

Azures3889d ago (Edited 3889d ago )

Yep. I just farmed tons of cafeteria and bird meat from hunting. Keep doing the tree and you'll eventually get the rare red metal and hinoki wood. Had to repeat it like 20+, maybe more to get it. Got tons of cherry wood and better stones while farming it to upgrade my spear and soldiers too.

BonBon Tree is your friend :)

drunkpandas3889d ago

Yeah I have most of my Patapons upgraded, but it took me way longer than the demo. :)

FungLip3889d ago

It's only 20bucks, so aside from playing it, buy it.

I finished the game and I can hardly wait for the sequel. The song during the credits rocks.

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