Dead Island Torso: We Get the Games Industry We Deserve

I believe that the best of what video games have to offer is challenging, thoughtful, and unique. It makes me proud to see this community stand up to bullies who continue to demonize us as psychopaths-in-waiting.

And then, I see something like this and all that goodwill gets flushed down the toilet.

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Ben_Giff2559d ago

I agree. It doesn't look tasteful in the least. Remember, these are the developers who named the one character's skill as "Feminist Whore" as a placeholder and left it in the code of the PC version.

-MD-2559d ago

Stuff like this doesn't bother me in the least, especially when it's attached to a game about bashing zombie's heads in with a baseball bat.

I'm more worried about the kind of person that could actually find a spot in their house to display something like this.

Alos882559d ago

I think keeping it in the fridge could make for a hilarious prank.

zerocrossing2559d ago (Edited 2559d ago )

In all honesty it would make for an interesting conversation starter.

koga882559d ago

Bloody mans torso = A okay

Bloody womans torso = hate and venom

It is a game involving killing zombies with freaking any weapon available and guess what, the first game featured zombies of both gender running around in swimsuits. So what people? C'mon now...

Tameel12559d ago

Yes, but it isn't a bloody male torso that's being mass marketed to the gamer crowd. It's a female torso. And not only a female torso, but one with enlarged boobs and a bikini top. Which brings up all sorts of unfortunate implications about the gaming industry.

I'm not offended by it. But the concept itself makes me side eye the developers. It's not the torso part that bothers me, however. But the large breasts that seem to be there to titilate the audience. What am I supposed to do with that? Fap to it? Is that what developers think of us gamers? That we're a bunch of obsessive horny creeps who will buy anything -even something modelled to look like a female corpse- as long as it has boobs on it?

There are plenty of unique and interesting zombie/corpse merchandises they could have created. Why did it have to be boobs on a dead woman's torso.

koga882559d ago (Edited 2559d ago )

Look at where the game is based however. The whole first area of the game featured nothing but zombies walking around in bikinis and swimming trunks. They could have gone a lot worse with the statue's sexualization and given what is in the game and just in general, those breasts are not overly "enlarged", but instead they took what is a standard starting zombie's torso and made it in real life.

Am I going to buy this myself? No, I wouldn't want it myself, but they shouldn't have to be apologizing so profusely after announcing this only a few hours ago and neither should we be condemning people who pick this up simply because they are fans of the game or zombies.

Quiescent2558d ago

women cant have breast even when there dead? everybody is turning into punk these days like seriously me stepping on a cockroach will offend you people god yall a bunch of pussies to the max

ChocolateGiddyUp2559d ago

They really should have made another male zombie statue with its legs cut off at the knees, wearing boxer-briefs with a huge package.

I'm curious how people would react to that. It'd probably just confuse all these guys who are outraged over ceramic boobs.

MattS2558d ago

I see this stupid strawman argument everywhere. Where does this author say "bloody man's torso = A okay?"

Oh right, he/ she didn't. You made that up.

palaeomerus2558d ago

What is this crap with people saying it's okay or not okay? Why isn't it "okay" ? Who cares if some people are offended by it? What's supposed to be so outrageous about some people being offended by bad taste? It's gross. So what? Don't buy it.

Hanso2559d ago Show
League_of_Draven2558d ago

I don't think people know what kind of game Dead Island is if they're that butthurt. Not like it matters anyway because the collector's editions for the game are overpriced for what you get and it isn't worth it.