GDC 2008: My Life as a King interview by IGN

IGN were granted some quality time with Toshiro Tsuchida, producer for My Life as a King, during the Game Developers Conference last week. He told IGN a lot about what developing a WiiWare title is like and just what we can expect from this downloadable quest.

IGN: Can you give us an idea of how long the game is?

Toshiro Tsuchida: If you just play straight through very quickly it's not that long. We're hoping that someone who likes games will play it for about 10 hours.

Even though this is a smaller Crystal Chronicles game, the team didn't have to leave anything out.

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PS360WII3978d ago

Sounds fun glad they wanted to be first in line on WiiWare. 10 hours seems like a solid game time for a downloaded title.